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Ecommerce Web Development

Ecommerce has become increasingly popular in the present times and there are a number of websites offering customers the ease of buying various products from the comfort of their home. However, with such a huge competition in the industry, it is very important to have a website that is easy to navigate and attracts prospective buyers.

Here are some of the important tips that can help you design a user friendly ecommerce website:

  • Neat and organized layout: This is the most important pre-requisite of any website. Users visiting a website should find it easy to navigate through different pages. You must also make sure that you choose a responsive website design that is adaptable to devices of different screen sizes.
  • Organized content: Users should be able to easily search for the product they are looking for. Make sure you differentiate the products with categories and sub categories. The drop down menu should clearly indicate the different categories of a specific product. Link to important pages such as home page or check-out should also be easily accessible by the users.
  • Home page content: Home page is the perfect place to give a complete overview of all your website products, discounts, offers, free shipping services etc. Make sure you utilize this space to the maximum.
  • Product description: Users are generally cautious about purchasing online products due to the inability to touch it. You can compensate for it by providing high quality pictures with HD resolution and detailed description about the product.
  • Add reviews columns: Apart from the image and description, people also prefer to read the reviews before buying a particular product.
  • Colors and fonts should be appealing: Simplicity is the key to a user friendly website. Use cool colors that are easy on the eyes and fonts that are easily readable by the users.
  • Easy payment gateway: You should try to make payment process as convenient as possible for your customers. There should not be too many clicks required between browsing the product and buying it. 
  • Reduce loading time: Make sure your website takes less time to load which should not be more than 5 seconds. Waiting for any page to load can lead to a user leaving your website and visiting the one of your competitors.

Keeping these small website design tips in mind will make sure that users will definitely like the shopping experience through your ecommerce website.

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Tips on Making Your Website Attractive For Visitors

Having a website and not having potential and regular visitors doesn’t make your online business a success. If your website is not catching the attraction and not making the business, there are some real problems which need to be looked into with extreme seriousness. Making your website attractive and worthy requires plenty of lateral thinking, and be ready for it. Worthiness of your website is based on several aspects, including the layout design and structure, the target market, target language and target audience altogether.

A good website is the one which looks professional and deploys practical methodologies to make it easy to browse. Today, there are several tools which will ensure productivity and worthiness of your website and place your business in the top notch position and all the more beat the competition. These tools will help in attracting prospective buyers to your websites, who are likely to stay for more time than just few seconds. Listed below are 4 coolest ways that will attract reliable visitors to your business:

  • Make your website’s navigation simple. Who would like to go whirl around and finally faint. Just nobody! If your website is simple and stress free to navigate, more number of prospective visitors will like to make the visit to buy the products.  It is also necessary that you add contact information in every page of your website. If that is not possible, you can also add the link to the contact information. Keep in your mind that visitors visiting your website have only 20-30 seconds to afford. If they get what they actually want, it is good, or else it would turn out to be a bad day for your business.
  • The layout design should be symmetrical and consistent. It would allow the visitors to get the idea that they are in the same website. Different pages with different types of website designs will tend to confuse visitors, and quite obviously, confused visitors will not register any sales whatsoever.
  • Use only relevant pictures which make the real sense and exemplify the products that you are selling. Misuse of pictures and all the more using irrelevant pictures would create the mess all around and for no good.
  • Keep the look and feel of your website simple and strategic. Simple website powered by strategic knowledge will always create attraction for the users.

It is the time to make your website attractive and worthy!

Need Of E-Commerce Website For Dallas Based Florists

E-commerce refers the process of buying and purchasing commodities online by making a choice from the variety of options available on a website. It is a quick and convenient way of shopping within the comfort of your home. With the boom in technology and the increasing role of the internet in almost every sphere of our lives, creating an E-commerce website for a business has become the need of the hour.
There are immense benefits of going the Ecommerce way, the major ones being:

  • Increased sales
  • Saving on advertisement costs
  • Requires no technical knowledge
  • Easier customer management

E-commerce websites are especially great for florists as customers get to view an assortment of flowers from their homes without having to walk or drive all the way to the florist. A good example of the convenience of such websites is if a customer anywhere in world wants to send flowers as a gift to someone in Dallas, all he will have to do is search online for a Dallas based florist, make a choice, pay, and fill in the address of the place it is to be delivered to. The whole process takes just a couple of minutes saving greatly on customer’s time, money, and energy.  As all the E-commerce websites even have shopping carts which let the buyer pick various items in one go thus saving on their time and the need to place a new order each time they want something else.

Creating an E-commerce website lets you have a one on one interaction with your customers, which gives you the best insight into how well your business is doing. You can create a review section on the, and get back to them with responses to any queries they might have and this will definitely improve your goodwill. Depending on your budget, you can make your website as beautiful and elaborate as you wish to, however, if you wish to save on your costs, keeping it simple will be a better choice.

The idea behind an E-commerce website for florists is simply to have access to more customers and increase the sales revenues. Most of the florists in Dallas are switching over to online marketing on seeing the tremendous increase in profits that those practicing it before have experienced. Establishing your own E-commerce website costs very less but offers a lot more in return and as a result makes your floral business touch new heights.

We at Centex Technologies, Dallas provide complete E-Commerce website solutions including shopping cart integration and payment gateway set-up. For more information on our Web Development and Website Designing services, feel free to call us at - Killeen (254-213-4740) or Dallas (972-375-9654).

Website Testing

Website testing forms an integral part of starting or operating a website irrespective of whether you run a website for business purposes or simply for leisure. It is not enough to simply create a website and have it up and running on the internet. There is a list of checks that must be conducted before your website becomes available on the internet. There can be several glitches and errors that may start to show once your website is running. This can be quite off putting for users who may start to avoid visiting your webpage. Thus, in order to retain visitors to your site, you need to ensure that your website functions smoothly and without any hassles. Some of the elements that you need to conduct testing in have been specified below:

  • Your website needs to be tested for functionality before it starts to run. This refers to the way that the site functions and conducting a thorough and comprehensive check of whether all the links are in a workable condition or not. There should be absolutely no broken links or extra cookies that hamper the operation of your site. You can either try to eliminate such problems on your own or pay for technical assistance to troubleshoot such problems.
  • Your website also needs to be tested for usability i.e. you will need to check whether it is easy to use for first time as well as returning users. There should be a detailed and easy to understand site map that is placed in a prominent position on the webpage so as to be easily visible to users. Also, the font and colors used should be standardized ones and should not be too gaudy or excessively large or small sized. The standards for image sizing must also be followed to provide a great navigating experience for the visitors.
  • The security measures in place should be thoroughly examined in order to protect your website from virus attacks. Also, if you are operating an e commerce website and generally receive payments from customers online, it is essential for you to have proper encryption in place to protect their financial information from hackers.

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All You Need To Know About VPN Networks

A Virtual Private Network is of great importance in a company that operates over a wide geographical area. It helps different groups of people keep in touch with each other so as to facilitate business operations. The best thing about a VPN network is that it uses the public network of the internet to provide a safe and secure means of communication between the management and the employees or customers. It is also an efficient way of keeping in touch with different people based outside of the company. When a certain employee is travelling to faraway locations for business purposes, the company can easily keep in touch with him/her through a pre established Virtual Private Network. It is essential to use such a network for this purpose so as to protect client confidentiality and to keep all data safe from outsiders or possible hackers.

In the case of a virtual private network, the company usually has its own private network through which all communications and data is routed. The basis used for this transmission is the already existing infrastructure provided by the internet. This allows for encryption of the data that is to be sent along with ensuring that economy of operations is maintained. A company does not need to make huge investments for setting up a Virtual Private network as the internet charges are going to apply for using such a network across the globe.
There are several benefits that can be derived from a VPN. Some of them are:

  1. A VPN can be used for communication with far off locations as well as nearby areas. This helps to substantially decrease the telephone bills of the company as all information is disseminated and received through the official VPN.
  2. It helps in keeping the data secure.
  3. A VPN also helps in bringing efficiency in the working of the organization as the employees do not need to come in person in order to relay any sensitive or confidential information as it can be safely transmitted through a VPN.
  4. Virtual private networks are quite reliable as they provide uninterrupted channels of communication and data transfer at all times. Even if the company has certain employees based in remote areas, they can easily maintain interaction with the central management.
  5. VPN services are quite flexible and their scope can be increased as and when required by the business.

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Advantages Of Using CRM Applications

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is an important element for business success. In today’s competitive scenario of globalised businesses and multinational corporations, there is a need to build an effective rapport and a long lasting relationship with customers that can guarantee continuous sales. Having a good CRM application in place helps build a personalized relationship with buyers that helps generate valuable and loyal clients who do not switch to rival businesses in the long run.

Irrespective of the kind of business that you are running, a CRM application offers a host of benefits. It helps provide an efficient system to manage customers and ensures that all buyers who deal with your organization remain satisfied with your services. There are different kinds of CRM applications that can be put in place depending on the particular requirements of your business organization. Customer services generally need to be provided in a manner that is in accordance with the industry that your business is a part of and the kind of products that are being offered by you in the market. Certain types of companies that provide customized services require a comprehensive CRM application while those that may be selling standardized products may require a less detailed CRM application.

There are several important functions that are performed by CRM applications:

  • A CRM application helps gather feedback and provides useful services to customers who may be engaged in purchasing your goods or availing your services online. Online services require a constant customer evaluation and support system to ensure a satisfactory experience for buyers.
  • It also helps gather and record useful information that may prove to be quite useful in business planning and decision making processes in the future. Customer feedback is very important in deciding the kind of products to be launched so that they can be sold successfully in the market.
  • Using the data collected from CRM applications, it is possible to utilize the facts and statistics gathered to make predictions about future sales and demand structures in the future. This information can be effectively used in formulating marketing policies.

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What Customers Want In Your Website

There are several things that need to form a part of your website if you are running your own business irrespective of whether you are a large corporation or a small business. The kind of image that is projected by your official business website goes a long way in establishing a rapport with your customers and in determining whether you are likely to attract buyers or not. It is thus very important to carefully consider the aspects that go into building a customer friendly website that can hold the attention of visitors for a time period enough to incite them to make a purchase. Some of the tips that can help you build the perfect website have been mentioned below:

  • Potential customers tend to look for useful information that helps them find out more about the origin of your company and your overall policies. This makes it important for an “about us” section to be in place that provides relevant information regarding the ownership of your business and the inspiration behind its formation. This helps create a personal rapport with the customers who are likely to come back to your website and remember your business name. It helps generate an element of human interest and thus attracts more clients.
  • Another vital element in a commercial website is the presence of important contact information about your business. If possible, you should also include an authentic address of your offline offices so as to build credibility. Businesses that do not list any contact information or do not answer calls can soon face failure in attracting customers.
  • Your website should have a proper list of instructions in place to guide customers on the process of making a purchase from you. The instructions should be detailed and step by step so that potential buyers do not face any problems in placing orders on your website. There also needs to be secure encryption in place that promises to protect the information furnished by customers in the course of their purchase.
  • An attractive layout and a welcoming design also goes a long way in ensuring that your website registers more visitors.

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Web Development Dallas

The broad term of web development includes working for developing a website or the intranet (a private network) or the internet (WWW). The task comprises of development of web content, web design, server side/ client side scripting, client liaison, ecommerce development, web server and network security configuration. However, the web professionals usually define web development as the non-design facets of the main process of web site building, such as coding and writing markup. Web development services can vary from the task of developing the basic single static page of plain text to more complex internet based applications, social network services, and electronic businesses.

For large businesses and organizations, the web development requirement can range from simple html websites to complex web programs. However, smaller businesses may not require such a big lineup. Web development is a very wide-ranging process. It needs an amalgamation of highly independent and synchronized activities that helps to create, promote and keep up a web identity. In this highly viable World Wide Web, the scope of a thriving web development service envelops a proficient blend of designing, programming, web hosting, maintenance as well as online marketing of a web site.

On the whole, the benefits of the web development services for Dallas businesses are:

  • It creates a positive presence on the web
  • It enables quicker business processing
  • Helps to manage business correspondence, communication data and processes
  • Benefit from ecommerce hold
  • Provides an interactive as well as faster mechanism for customer feedback
  • Harnesses maximum out of 24/7 customer presence through scalable and cost effective measures for web marketing

There are many core factors that need to be fulfilled in order to ensure the success of your business. Some of these include the style of designing and thinking, what type of development process is used, the technology employed as well as the quality delivered.

We at Centex Technologies provide Web Development, SEO, Graphic Designing solutions to clients in Dallas and other parts of Central Texas. Feel free to contact us at (855) 375-9654).

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Increase Traffic To Your Website By SEO

In order to improve the market value of a company, it is very important that some efficient method should be adopted. Owing to the important role being played by technology in the present era, the marketing policies intended by a company should also be in sync with the technological innovation. Nearly all the business companies have their own web sites which, apart from representing the company, provide them a platform to connect with the markets and the prospective customers. It implies the necessity of a properly framed, maintained and promoted web site. Here comes the role of SEO (search engine optimization) services. SEO services are aimed at getting the top ranks in various search engines.

When you plan to make your presence on the internet, it is recommended that you take the help of SEO services. SEO can help in the growth of your business by designing a web site in such effective format that enables you to interact with the customers online.

While hiring SEO services, make sure that they have some previous experience in this field. It is not some layman’s task to make a user friendly website and make it compatible with the search engines. A user friendly website that is optimized for various search engines will receive more traffic than other websites in the same niche.

However, the SEO services are primarily intended to target customers; it should be kept in mind that that your SEO Company should not indulge in Black Hat SEO techniques as they would do more harm than good to your website rankings. It should also be made a point to follow the guidelines available for webmasters by various search engines. It is important to note that serious SEO offences can not only seriously hamper your search engine rankings but can also get you removed from the search engine result list. This makes it imperative to hire the best SEO company.

We at Centex Technologies provide advanced SEO solutions to our clients. We not only aim at getting high rankings for your website but also make sure that your website stands apart from others.

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Best Computer Network Solution For Your Small Business

No matter your business is small scale or large scale, there is a need to provide the computer networks in order to provide confidentiality, reliability and efficiency to the work process. All the requirements should be carefully assessed if you want to create a secure and reliable network.

Given here are two main types of computer networks for small businesses.

Peer to peer network
Peer to peer is a computer networking approach that allows all the computers to share an equal responsibility for data processing. Computers in a peer network have the same networking software and protocols.  Peer networks are also situated in close physical proximity, such as in schools, homes and small businesses.


  • A peer to peer network is very cost effective.
  • It utilizes the built-in networking capacity of operating system. It does not require any special software.
  • It allows the sharing of printer, files and numerous other resources among various computers. It allows easy data sharing in both the directions, either download or upload.


  • Peer to peer computer networks depend upon the employee’s knowledge of computer. The files and data cannot be accessed if the employee has turned the computer off.
  • Data and network security are very weak.
  • Updating the Widows and antivirus software needs to be done manually on each computer. Thus, it is very time consuming.

Client server networks
The client server network utilizes a centralized server as well as special networking software. This server is used only to run server tasks and store files. The clients are the computers that are linked to the server and would be used by the employees of the company.


  • All the shared files are stored by the server for every user.
  • File backups can be scheduled for the mid night, thus, avoiding network interruptions.
  • The server also ensures user security.
  • The server also manages email routing, internet access, Windows and antivirus updating.


  • The implementation of a client server network is pricier than a simple computer network.
  • The installation charges and the cost of software for the server network also adds to overall cost of system.
  • In case the server goes down, it will have an effect on the entire network.

Thus, both types of computer networks have their own benefits and limitations. Make your choice carefully depending upon the number of employees in your company, how much knowledge they have about computers and your budget to implement the network.

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