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Google Groups For Business Promotion In Dallas TX

Google Groups is a one-stop for all the SEO and promotional needs of business owners, wishing to join an online community with likeminded individuals and share relevant online marketing ideas and tools. If you own an SME in the Dallas TX region, it is a good idea to join a Google Group dedicated to your industry in your region. The numbers of options that you can explore from an SEO perspective regarding your business promotion are limitless. Enlisted below are the major ways in which you can use Google Groups for SEO and business promotion in Dallas TX-

  • Get useful information such as keywords, topics, themes, etc. for website content like blogs, articles, and e-books.
  • You can get ideas regarding what your competitors are doing as a part of their business promotion strategies and apply these ideas for your business.
  • A great way of engaging in conversations related to your business and parallel topics is participating in business threads on Google Groups. You can also link these threads to your website as a part of your user-generated content. Not only is this a good way to demonstrate your knowledge on the topic of discussion, but it also helps to use these keywords for SEO purposes on your website.
  • Another way in which you can utilize Google Groups is by using it to find a group of people in a thread who are interested in a topic related to your services. You can offer this group a special offer of gift that can be of interest to them, and use this to attract them to your website.
  • Similarly, you can create polls and surveys for such an audience and use the keywords so generated to create viral content for your website.
  • While Google groups can work well for generating quality back links to your website, the reverse is also true. You can invite visitors to your website to join your group on Google Groups, encouraging a sense of community.
  • Sending out online invitations to members on other related groups is also a good way to increase your customer base. However, you need to exercise caution while doing so, as this runs a risk of being viewed as spam.
  • You can also integrate your e-mail campaign to attract members on other groups instead of using the Google Groups interface.

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Internet Marketing Dallas: Benefits of Google Places Account for local Dallas Businesses

Google Places is the new web business card for local business owners in Dallas and what’s best is that it is completely free. With the advent of Google Places, business owners are in a better position to get in touch with their customers and increase their sales. It has become an indispensable tool for those who want to save on their business costs without compromising on their services. In today’s times, if anyone wants a product or service, chances are that he or she will surf online for it. Those on Google Places are easier to be tracked down by prospective customers and even their location is displayed for the customer’s convenience.

Google Places being a local search engine, is a boon for the local businesses in Dallas and the customers around as they can get in touch with one another in just a click. The following are some major benefits of being on Google Places:

  • It is much easier for customers to get to know about your business.
  • The maps make it easier for the customers to find you.
  • Important information about your business that might be relevant to customers is out there for all to see. The information could be about the products and services you offer, the modes of payment, business timings, etc.
  • The option of customer reviews helps you build a good rapport with your customers, which in turn boosts your businesses goodwill.
  • You get to know how many people are searching for your business.

To ensure your business is ranked high on Google Places, you should provide important details and anything that might be relevant to those looking for your services such as:

  • Interesting videos of how you go about your business.
  • Photographs
  • Contact information, etc.

The swifter you are at updating your Google Places page, the better rewards you will reap in terms of your ranking and consequently of the number of people flocking towards you. For example, if you have a restaurant in Dallas and want to promote it on Google Places, you should provide as much information as you can on your page about it. Post videos of how what your restaurant’s ambience is like and pictures of things that stand out setting it apart from the rest. Set a space for reviews and be prompt at getting back to them with some response.  It will not be long before people barge into your restaurant and take your profits to a different level!

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How to optimize your website for Dallas Tx

Website optimization refers to the process of making your website rank high on a search engine’s search results. The immediate benefit of this will be more viewers and eventually more customers for you. The need to rank high on the search results stems from the natural tendency of a viewer to click on to the search item that is listed on top of the list on a search engine. The lower the listing of a website, lesser is its chance to be viewed.

If you want to attract customers to your local business website in an area like Dallas, you will need to work on optimizing your website to fetch in more customers. A little time and effort on refurbishing your website will offer surprising results. For example, if you own a restaurant in Dallas, you can tailor your website to meet the needs of local customers so that they find exactly what they want on your site.
The following are some steps to optimize your website:

Google places
Listing your business on Google Places can multiply your chances of coming to the public eye. You even get to know the number of users who showed interest in your business. There are features through which you can show the directions to your place of business through maps to make it easy for the customer to track you down. This can be very appealing to customers.

Using the right keywords plays a crucial role in optimizing your website. Your keyword should be such, that are commonly searched but there should be something that sets them apart from those used on other websites.

Work on the way your website looks
The appearance of a website has a direct bearing on its search-engine ranking. Ensure its content is organized to make it simple for a customer to find what he is looking for. Get your site hosted on a fast server. Work on its design by keeping it simple and highlighting things that are relevant to customers.

Local directories
Being listed in local directories is a great way of getting exposure and increasing traffic. There are certain automated tools that work towards the submission of search engines and submit website addresses regularly to local search engines and directories.

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Benefits Of Customer Reviews For Your Online Business

Online businesses are flourishing like never before for various reasons. With low start-up cost and option to remain open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year has made online businesses a lucrative one. The best part about this type of business is that both the seller and the buyer benefit to a great extent from the provisions of customer reviews. This is something that lacks in conventional businesses. Customer reviews have revolutionized the experience of buying a product as almost 80% of the buyers read the reviews of a product before purchasing it. The following are the benefits of such reviews for an online business:-

An increase in the goodwill
Genuine Customer reviews from Google Places, Facebook Page or Yelp give the visitors on your web page an honest picture of how your business is doing and what kind of products or services you are offering. As humans we have a tendency to rely on word-of-mouth more than anything else. Positive reviews will definitely have a good impact on your goodwill and pull in more customers.

Spreading the word
When a customer comes across a review written by him on your web site, it makes him feel acknowledged. This feeling of appreciation propels him to tell those in his immediate circle about it and the word spreads like fire. It won’t be long before more people log in to your website and peek into your business offerings. It’s actually a wonderful form of advertizing.

Business feedback
Customer reviews are the best feed back for a business. They let you know about the experiences of customers on using your products or services and whether any improvement is required or not. Some customers even give valuable suggestions that can go a long way in improving your business.

Bonding with the customer
You can form a bond with the customers who have posted their reviews by replying to their negative and positive comments. Customers tend to be more loyal to businessmen who really care about how they feel and this can be a good opportunity for you to make your customers feel special.

Better search engine results
Most of the search engines give importance to the number of times your business is mentioned in reviews. Reviews increase the chances of your business to appear higher in the search results for a particular type of business.

We at Centex Technologies provide Internet Marketing Services in Dallas, Killeen and Austin. For more information how you can turn your Customer’s feedback into positive business, feel free to call us at Killeen (254-213-4740) or Dallas (972-375-9654) office.

Internet Marketing Strategies For Dallas Businesses

Internet based businesses have completely revolutionized the very definition of the word “marketing”, changing it from a face-to-face attempt at selling, to a silent endeavor, where words and images do all the talking. Successful internet marketing needs a responsive and dynamic attitude, where you need to understand that what works today might not work tomorrow, and so the learning process must continue every day.

We’ve put together the top internet marketing strategies that are sure to give a head-start to your online business-

  • Use effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to rank high on top search engines like Google. Considering that most people use the internet to look for websites that offer what they are looking for, this should be a key part of your internet marketing strategy. You might consider hiring an SEO expert to do this part of the job for you.
  • Work on your social media reputation. Build active profiles on websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest, and make an effort to engage customers through them. Just creating a profile is not enough. These profiles are like your voice to connect to your current and prospective customers on a daily basis, so make the most of them. Contests, giveaways, and polls are a few of the many ideas that you can explore.
  • Use content in every possible way, right from blogging, to creating user-generated content via forums, and submitting online press releases. Blogging is a great way to build your reputation as a hub of authentic information, and if done correctly, can engage users on your website.
  • Use e-mail in the best possible manner. Be sure not to irritate subscribers off by spamming their inbox. Send short, yet meaningful emails with catchy subject lines on a regular basis. Try to keep the tone of the emails personal whenever possible.
  • Offer an irresistible freebie to customers who land on your page, and try to keep it tangible, so that you can get a list of mailing addresses, instead of just email IDs. For instance, a free book is likely to grasp more attention than a free e-book.
  • Start a video marketing campaign if you already don’t have one. A video is more efficient than the written word or even images can ever be. So use the advanced technologies to actually communicate with everyone who lands on your website.
  • Use affiliate, reseller, and associate programs to spread the word about your services and build your network of customers. Not only is this a great marketing strategy, but it also helps to sell your products, and best of all, it’s super-easy to set up!

We at Centex Technologies provide solutions for Internet Marketing to Dallas, Killeen, Austin and other Central Texas based businesses.  For more information on our Internet Marketing services, feel free to call us at Killeen (254-213-4740) or Dallas (972-375-9654) office.

Planning A Computer Network

A computer network is quite useful for a workplace with a large number of computers that need to be interconnected for the better flow of data and also to facilitate inter-departmental and employee-to-employee communication. There are several other advantages of setting up a computer network like being able to use a single hardware component that is connected to all the systems in the vicinity. For example, if there is only one printer for a certain floor in the building, all the systems on that floor can be directly linked to it to procure print outs whenever they are required. This leads to huge cost savings as the need for setting up a separate printer for each system in the office is done away with. Your local server can be contacted for setting up a computer network. The kind of network that you choose depends on the total area covered by your office, the number of employees working in your organization and the number of computer systems or other equipments installed at the office.

The layout of the network must be carefully planned so as to include all the systems that need to be incorporated into the network. The placement for the switches and hubs must be appropriate and should be decided with the help of skilled technicians in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your network. There are several network models that may be used like a circular network, a rectangular one, a straight line network in which computers are connected end to end, etc. The decision regarding the kind of network to employ depends entirely on the placement of the computers and other equipments at your workplace.

While setting up your computer network, the switches and hubs must be placed strategically so as to facilitate transmission and also so that they can be easily replaced when they stop working. There should also be an adequate amount of flexibility so as to enable you to enhance your network in the future when more systems need to be added. Planning a computer network is a technical job which should be carefully planned and executed. This not only allows you to add on various equipments or expand the network in future, but also makes sure that there is no or minimal downtime.

We at Centex Technologies provide complete computer network consultation and installation services to our clients. For more information on planning a computer network for your office, feel free to contact us at Killeen (254-213-4740) and Dallas  (972-375-9654) Texas.

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Need Of Local SEO For Legal Portals and Lawyers Websites

Having an online presence has become a necessity for all kinds of businesses that wish to establish a market presence and generate an increased number of customers for their products or services. Legal firms and individual lawyers can also use the internet as a platform to promote their services through several different promotional methods. Legal portals can be used to generate information and communicate the same to possible customers looking to hire a suitable legal representative. Apart from using such portals, an account can be made on a lawyers’ website that has specially been created to bring customers and lawyers in contact with each other. Most large law firms prefer to create their own official webpage to publicize their services and provide knowledge about the services that they offer along with information about prominent legal experts among their employees.

Search Engine Optimization is a useful online tool that can strengthen your online promotions campaign. Legal portals can be used to generate suitable content that consists of the appropriate keywords that are likely to bring in visitors to your content or profile. The URL of your official webpage of contact information must also be provided so that interested visitors are able to obtain sufficient information to be able to contact you for the purchase of services later on. Not all users are likely to come across your official webpage by conducting a Google search as public portals or lawyers’ websites that consist of information about different law firms generally show a higher rating than individual lawyers’ websites. Thus maintaining a presence on such portals helps to generate an increased number of customers in the long run than merely having an official website representing your business.

Some of the ways that can help in attracting more visitors to click on the links directing them to your official webpage have been specified below:

  • You should conduct a little research about the most successful legal portals that attract the highest number of customers and submit information about your services on the most popular ones. Using diverse websites to assert your online presence significantly enhances your chances of making sales of legal services.
  • You should also make it appoint to include the relevant keywords while formulating content to be posted on the different portals with regard to your legal business.
  • SEO strategies should be implemented to get your websites high on search engines.
  • Search Engine friendly websites should be created to make your website available on all major search engines.

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Web Development - Focus on usability

Web applications can be of varying kinds and their success tends to depend on a large number of factors. There are several parameters that define whether a web application is going to become popular among its users or is going to phase out soon. The most important aspect in web development is ensuring that the application is simple and easy to use. Ease of use figures among the number one priorities for most application users as people are not likely to spend too much time in exploring how to work their way around an application. The simpler an application is to understand and grasp, the better are its chances of success. Thus the prime focus should be on making your application uncomplicated and utilitarian in nature.

There are several other elements too that can distinguish a successful application from an unsuccessful one. One of the elements that can help propel your application to success is a clean layout. Users should easily be able to figure out the ways to start an application. The initial display must be in large fonts and state the next step to be undertaken to gain access to the application. The layout should not be cluttered and should instead have a clean and uncomplicated look. Such features not only make the application look classier but also endear it to its users and prompts more and more downloads or usage of the web application.

The web application should be based on simple principles and the objective of the application should be a clearly defined one so as to make it easily searchable on a search engine. It should be appropriately titled so as to allow interested users to gain access to it by entering in relevant, related keywords in popular search engines. The title should be catchy and widely understandable by people belonging to different demographic groups. The processing speed of the application must be kept in mind while designing it as an application that suffers from delays and extended waiting times may be discarded by users quickly thus resulting in its complete failure.

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Importance Of Landing Page Design

The landing page is the first page of your website that web surfers come in contact with once they are either directed from some other link or they type in browser to visit your website. A single website can have multiple landing pages depending on their marketing campaigns. The importance of this page cannot be underestimated as it is the first direct contact that potential customers have with your brand or company. A favorable impression at this stage can be instrumental in helping convert user interest to a sale. Many websites do not pay much attention to coming up with a unique and captivating design template for their landing page the result being dwindling customers and lost sales. There are several tips that can help you design a landing page that is a hit with customers and incites them to explore your website further. Some of them have been specified below:

  • Choosing the right colors for your landing page is of paramount importance as colors can be vital to ensure the interest of your customers. Each color is said to convey a different psychological message and elicit a unique emotional response. The colors for your landing page should not be chosen on a hit and trial basis rather they must be the result of careful analysis of the kind of response that you wish to evoke from visitors.
  • Apart from choosing the right colors, the design of your landing page needs to be completely clutter-free and simple. Too many elements in the form of graphics or moving textual content tend to create confusion in the minds of visitors and can be a big turn off. It is best to stick to a safe design with a clean template.
  • There should be a minimum number of buttons listed on your landing page so that visitors are not bombarded with multiple options. Having to choose between different buttons can be quite frustrating as visitors try to figure out how to proceed to the next step. Each element that is clickable should feature a one-word explanation regarding where it is bound to lead.
  • The most important aspect of good website designing is to stick to a single template or layout for each page on your website. Using different layouts for successive webpages can look tacky and unsophisticated.

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Cloud Computing Security Tips

Cloud Computing offers several advantages to small as well as large sized business organizations. Its incorporating into your IT department helps in increased efficiency and effectiveness of data maintenance and business operations. However, the security aspect should not be ignored if you intend to switch to Cloud Computing services especially if confidentiality and privacy forms a major part of your business activities. There are two kinds of cloud services including public as well as private. In case of public cloud computing, there are several customers using the same hardware. On the other hand, private cloud computing helps you maintain adequate control over information related to your business. Some of the security tips that can be adopted to help guard private data are:

  • Most businesses choose not to take data back-ups as they are confident of their security level. However, this is a very common mistake as it can lead to complete loss of data in case of an unpredictable breach. Thus, it is essential to take back ups of all your data so that your organization does not end up losing important information that it requires for its day to day functioning.
  • The second security tip that can serve you in good stead is to be completely aware about exactly where your data is being stored. Based on this information, you should set up appropriate firewalls to keep out hackers and prevent the loss of valuable information. You also need to be aware about how your data is going to be handled by your cloud service provider in case it stops providing services to you. These aspects should be specified in the service contract that you sign while availing cloud computing services.
  • While scouting for different cloud computing service providers, you should conduct a thorough survey about their history and dealings with past clients. It is best to get in touch with previous or existing clients to enquire about their experiences regarding security of data.

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