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What Are Backdoors And How To Remove Them

Backdoors can be defined as malicious programs that provide a convenient way for the hackers to sneak into your corporate network. If they gain access, they may exploit the security vulnerabilities in the computer system to steal personal information, modify or delete files and install additional software. A backdoor is probably one of the most harmful types of malware as it allows the hacker to get complete control of the infected computer.

Once a computer system is infected, a backdoor may perform the following activities:

  • Delete, rename, edit or copy any file stored on the computer
  • Make changes in the Windows registry and execute or terminate certain applications
  • Record keystrokes, gather confidential data, capture screenshots and send it to a remote host
  • Reduce internet speed and performance or consume extended bandwidth
  • Initiate attacks against other systems connected to the same network

How Does Backdoor Infect Computer Systems?
The typical characteristic of a backdoor is that it installs itself sneakily without being detected by the user. It operates in the background and stealthily transmits all your information to a remote server.

Here are some of the ways in which backdoors spread themselves to the computers systems:

  • A user may inadvertently install backdoor through email attachments or file sharing programs. Hackers send the malware in the name of a legitimate file attachment to trick users to download or execute it.
  • A backdoor may also get installed when a system is already infected with a virus, spyware or Trojan.
  • Unknown remote access features in certain applications may lead to installation of backdoor on your computer. The hacker connects to the computer that has the software installed to gain complete control over its functionality.
  • Unpatched software vulnerabilities are another common means through which backdoors spread themselves.

Tips To Remove Backdoor

  • Though it is difficult to detect the presence of a backdoor on a computer systems, here are the steps that should be taken if you find one.
  • Download and install the latest anti-virus software
  • Update the operating system to its latest version
  • Disconnect the computer system from the internet network
  • Run a complete scan of the computer and remove all the infected files
  • Once the process is complete, restart your computer before accessing the internet or opening any file

For more information on backdoor and other malicious software, you can contact Centex Technologies. We can be reached at (972) 375 – 9654.

Things To Know Before Choosing Storage For Virtual Environments

Storage virtualization has become a necessity in the IT industry, mainly because of the need to store an extensive amount of data in a safe and secure environment. It not only saves on the costs of physical hardware, but also allows for a better utilization of the available resources and streamlines business operations.

Given below are some factors that need to be considered while choosing storage for virtual environments:

Opt For A Simple Solution

The virtual storage solution you choose should offer simplicity in its usage. All the complex and low-level tasks such as performance testing, updates, data placement etc. should be automated. This will beneficial for the IT professionals as they will be able to focus on other important configuration tasks.

Ease Of Management

Reliability and consistency in performance are other important elements that should be looked for. The virtual machines should support multi-tenancy functionality, so that all the users can individually manage data stored on their systems. Manageability of a virtualized storage should be considered in regard to data flow at three different levels - virtual machine (VM), virtual machine to physical storage and the server to virtual machine.


All virtual storage solutions are designed to handle a specific amount of data. Therefore, you must analyze your storage requirements, both at present as well in the future, to determine the most suitable type of service. Make sure that all the resources in the virtual environment are utilized to their maximum efficiency. Also, the performance of any application should not be hampered due to lack of storage space.

Customer Support And Service

When you implement storage virtualization in your organization, you need to procure services from multiple vendors so that the entire system can work efficiently. Therefore, constant support is essential to address any issues and ensure non-stop functioning. Without this, you may have to experience extended downtime which can be critical for your company’s reputation.

When choosing a vendor, you should evaluate the level of customer service it provides. Gain complete knowledge of how the virtual environment will fit into and enhance the productivity of your business in the long run.

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