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IC3 Critical Thinking

Centex Technologies and Cetiport are excited to announce a new certification exam entitled IC3Critical Thinking - Powered by ETS.  This exam is designed to assess and demonstrate individual cognitive skills in a technology-enabled education or work environment.  We will be conducting a beta test for this exam beginning in the middle of August and ending in the middle of September.


IC3Critical Thinking - Powered by ETS Exam


The IC3Critical Thinking is one-hour exam which will cover seven Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Literacy content areas.  The exam is suitable for high school students’ grades 10-12 through college, as well as for working adults.  The seven ICT Literacy content areas include:


  • Define
  • Access
  • Evaluate
  • Manage
  • Integrate
  • Create
  • Communicate

Please feel free to contact Centex Technologies with more information on the IC3Critical Thinking course.   

Danielle Spring 
Testing & Training Administrator
Centex Technologies
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