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SEO Services In Dallas

Centex Technologies is a Dallas-based SEO company providing comprehensive SEO services for a wide span of industries and industry niches. We are strongly committed to adopting white-hat SEO strategies, ensuring an SEO campaign with long-term and sustainable results. Whether you are a business owner, doctor, restaurant, realtor, or service provider, no job is too small or too big for our SEO services. We can help to achieve top SERP rankings for your business, guiding targeted traffic with high conversion rates to your website.

Our SEO services cover a wide range of techniques, including natural link building, directory submission, title and meta tag optimization, social bookmarking, and ALT tag optimization. Contact our SEO experts today, to learn more about each of these techniques, and to see how they can work for your business. SEO for us, is not just a game of numbers, but is actually a long-running effort that aims to improve the ROI for your business by driving the right visitors to your website, and working on making sure that the design and content of your website is engaging enough to keep them on there.

We lay special emphasis on generating high-quality content for your website, and bridging the gap between traditional SEO techniques and social media campaigns, to ensure that your content is discovered, used and shared. We follow a multi-thronged approach for your SEO campaign, starting with improving the metadata and keyword density on the main landing pages of your website, then moving on to high page-rank websites and directories to generate inbound links for your website, and finally targeting social bookmarking sites and social media with high-quality content, to further help increase rankings for your website through high-quality inbound links. We have developed SEO strategies that are in full compliance with latest Google algorithm changes.

As a business owner in the 21st century, no matter how small or how well-established your enterprise is, getting found on the internet is something that you cannot afford to ignore. We, at CentexTech ensure that you get the aggressive marketing that you need even in the most competitive industries, through our time-tested SEO techniques. Contact us to request a quote for SEO for your Dallas business. Once you opt for our services, we shall carefully analyze your business needs, and design an SEO campaign that exclusively caters to you. It is this competitive analysis that makes us stand out as an SEO firm, ensuring that we deliver results not just in terms of rankings and conversions, but also sales and sustainability.

Long Tail Keywords

Contrary to the common perception that the most common keywords make for the largest inflow of traffic, these keywords contribute to a meager 20% of the total search traffic for a particular industry niche. The search traffic is far dominated by the long tail keywords, which are basically longer, and a lot more specific than their shorter counterparts.
For instance, while a common keyword could be “apartments for rent in Dallas”, a long tail keyword for the same search could read “three-bedroom apartments for rent in Dallas”. These keywords, which are often 4-6 words long, make for a whopping 70% of search traffic, which is reason enough for everyone marketing their business online, to pay keen attention to them.

Here’s a look at how you can benefit from these keywords:

  • The competition for these keywords is a lot less than that for more common keywords, which improves your chances of attaining a high rank in SERPs when you target these keywords.
  • The leads coming from such keywords are likely to be users who know just what they are looking for. This results in a greater conversion rate for long tail keywords.
  • The “head terms” in long tail keywords remain largely similar to the other keywords that you are targeting, which mean that your SEO efforts towards these keywords will overlap those for more common keywords for your business.
  • Even though long tail keywords have a low competition, this is balanced out by the significantly high click-through rate, making them highly profitable for businesses.

While the benefits of long tail keywords for your online marketing strategy are obvious, it is important to understand that you cannot afford to ignore your generic, short tail keywords at the expense of long tail keywords. These keywords are equally important for your business, as they play a key role in creating interest and building brand awareness for your business in the initial stages of your SEO campaign.

The process of targeting long tail keywords is undoubtedly hectic and time-consuming. After all, we are talking about structuring thousands of keywords into hundreds of similar groups, and landing pages for each of these groups. However, the personalized and relevant service that these keywords offer your customers makes you stand out as a provider who really cares to address the individual needs of his customers, giving you a much-needed head start from your competitors.