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Open Source Web Development Versus Customized Web Development

Web development is a broad term given to the website development. The website development could be done for the internet or the intranet. Internet refers to the hosting a website in the www domain name which can be accessed by general public. Intranet, on the other hand is meant for private use. The intranet pages can be accessed by members of the organization, company or from a university or a college. The intranet websites are mainly being used for communicating any kind of internal news, views, etc. Web development can be done with the help of open source or customized software.

Open source software refers to a computer program whose source code is published and available to the public. The open source software can be copied, modified and redistributed; however, they are governed by certain copyright laws and licences. Customized software, on the other hand are created to provide tailor made solutions to the specific group. The customized software is programmed based on the specific needs of the customer. One of the most important advantages of the website development using open source software is that they are cheap and comes at a reasonable cost (mostly free to use). Anyone can download and use open source software for free (or for some cost). As custom created softwares involve appreciable man hours to create, test and deploy, they are more expensive then open

Apart from this, while developing websites using open source software, the customer support available is minimal making the website development very challenging. However, while developing websites using customized software, constant support and help is being given.

Web development is a challenging task. It can be done using open source software or customized software. In respect to cost, open source software scores higher than any software available, however, in terms of facilities, customized software is much better than open source.

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Creating An Effective Website

With the advent of internet, it has become common for many businesses to have their own website built so that they can reach out to their customers in an effective and cheaper method. Websites are also required by the individuals or celebrities. Some companies prefer to give their customers the facilities to shop from their websites which can be done by incorporating the features of ecommerce into the websites. If you are looking to expand your business and reach out to maximum number of people, then it would be a great idea if you create a website and give the product information up there. However, designing a website and getting traffic into the website requires a lot of effort from your side. To design a website, you need to remember some of the elements which you are required to incorporate for maximum traffic.

To start with the website design, you need to zero in the features you would desire on the website. For an effective website design, you should hire professional Web Design Company who has the required skill and experience to give shape to your requirements. Once you have the website design ready, you need to add up content to it. While entering the content, make sure that you enter the right kind of keywords, so that your website could easily be featured in any search engines. Add targeted and well researched keywords so that the website. This technique is called Search Engine Optimization. Your website must have informative material and more of graphics and pictures for the users to understand. Remember, the visitors will only scan the page; they are not going to read the entire pages.

The website should provide visual appeal and is required to have easy navigation. Provide enough facility to your website, to the extent you can. Communicate effectively and provide images of the products which you sell. You may also incorporate ecommerce shop in the websites and allow the visitors/customers to buy from your website itself. Test the websites several times before going live.

Putting up a website requires you to invest nominal cost every year to host it, but you can see the significant growth in the sales of the business.