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Wi-Fi Network Benefits

Wi-Fi networks refer to wireless networks that can help you connect to the internet without having to set up a wired internet connection on your laptop or mobile device. They help you log on to the web in a very convenient and effective method that is completely free from hassles. You no longer need to purchase a mobile internet connection for your system in case you are travelling as most public places these days provide Wi-Fi networks that can allow you to surf the internet. These may be offered free of cost at some places like hotels, libraries, malls, etc. and may also be charged at certain areas. There are generally two ways in which you can connect to a Wi-Fi network in the vicinity. These are either by filling in a password or logging on without having to do so. In the latter case, the Wi-Fi is generally offered free of cost and is meant for use of the public.

Apart from being very useful at public places, Wi-Fi networks are equally important at homes and in corporate offices. This is because they allow a number of different systems including personal computers, laptops, mobile devices, etc. to gain access through a common internet connection. You are not required to get a separate connection or internet cables for each system in your house or office thus saving on additional expenses. The set up is also quite simple as you only have to get an internet connection installed along with setting up a router to provide Wi-Fi signals throughout your home. There are different kinds of routers that can be purchased. These devices differ in the amount of area that they can cover and provide Wi-Fi signals in. Generally, the more expensive routers are able to cover wider areas than cheaper ones.

If you have a Wi-Fi internet connection installed in your premises, all you need to do is to open the network connections folder in the Control Panel. Your system will then show you all the Wi-Fi networks that are available in the area and you can log on to your network either directly or by filling in a password depending on how you have set it up.

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Website Testing

Website testing forms an integral part of starting or operating a website irrespective of whether you run a website for business purposes or simply for leisure. It is not enough to simply create a website and have it up and running on the internet. There is a list of checks that must be conducted before your website becomes available on the internet. There can be several glitches and errors that may start to show once your website is running. This can be quite off putting for users who may start to avoid visiting your webpage. Thus, in order to retain visitors to your site, you need to ensure that your website functions smoothly and without any hassles. Some of the elements that you need to conduct testing in have been specified below:

  • Your website needs to be tested for functionality before it starts to run. This refers to the way that the site functions and conducting a thorough and comprehensive check of whether all the links are in a workable condition or not. There should be absolutely no broken links or extra cookies that hamper the operation of your site. You can either try to eliminate such problems on your own or pay for technical assistance to troubleshoot such problems.
  • Your website also needs to be tested for usability i.e. you will need to check whether it is easy to use for first time as well as returning users. There should be a detailed and easy to understand site map that is placed in a prominent position on the webpage so as to be easily visible to users. Also, the font and colors used should be standardized ones and should not be too gaudy or excessively large or small sized. The standards for image sizing must also be followed to provide a great navigating experience for the visitors.
  • The security measures in place should be thoroughly examined in order to protect your website from virus attacks. Also, if you are operating an e commerce website and generally receive payments from customers online, it is essential for you to have proper encryption in place to protect their financial information from hackers.

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