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Facebook As A Powerful Business Tool

Facebook tops all the social networking sites with more than 500 million subscribers. It’s a great medium to connect with long lost friends and family members we can’t meet often. It has not only revolutionized the experience of interacting with friends and keeping a tab on their current activities, but has also transformed the concept of business. It’s a unique business tool that has great potential for marketing products and services.

Facebook offers businessmen, organizations and merchants facilities to create a business page, a group or facebook advertisements to promote products and services to those on the network. Another option that businesses can avail is facebook pages. Creating a facebook page and integrating it with apps is a great way to make a business’s presence felt. It’s the best way to interact with potential customers and circulate news and other updates related to products and services being offered. It’s also very easy to create an advertisement through facebook ads. While creating the ads, one can target a specific location, sex, age, keyword, relationship status, workplace or college. Facebook automatically delivers the ads created to the desired audience throughout the network.

It’s a perfect place for merchants and customers to interact with each other. Businessmen can instantly get in touch with millions of potential customers. The customers also have access to special promo offers and discounts offered by the merchants. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. Facebook offers a simple, free and effective opportunity to build online presence. There are certain apps that are very helpful when it comes to promoting your business. The following a list of some useful apps:

  • Networked Blogs app
  • Social RSS
  • Simplaris BlogCast
  • Define Me
  • IEndorse
  • Proffesional profile etc.

It’s important to keep in mind that creating a page on facebook is just half the battle. Most of the people just get stuck at this point and never show up again. Be sure to devote enough time on developing your business oriented page. Configure your privacy settings to let everyone see your page unlike what you would do on your personal page. Keep interacting with your contacts and make sure they know you are in touch with their posts. Strike the right balance between getting too personal and too business-like. In addition to the textual information posted on your page, dress up your posts with some multimedia messages too. A new age business tool, facebook can do wonders in helping your business touch new heights!

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Smart Tips On Credit Card Security

The popularity of credit cards in place of other payment methods cannot be attributed to its ease of ease of use and low transaction costs. Credit cards are also quite easy to carry and serve as a great replacement for bulky cash. Several customers are opting for credit cards for making all kinds of purchases for consumer durables as well as for daily needs items in several countries. It has been predicted by economists that there is likely to be a gradual phase out of hard cash to give way to a complete domination of plastic money in the near future.

With the number of transactions taking place through credit cards on the rise, the security and safety aspects related to their use assume significance. Credit card processing terminals are generally installed at retail counters to facilitate credit card transactions. It is important for the vendors to procure the appropriate technologies required for assuring the confidentiality and privacy of credit card information and other financial information required to be divulged by consumers while making purchases. A thorough testing of the credit card processing machine must be done to ensure that it fulfills all safety/security requirements before it is set up to receive payments via credit cards. Any kind of security lapse can cost you and lead to a rapid disappearance of customer trust thus leading to reduced sales.

There are several aspects that credit card holders can also keep in mind to keep their money safe:

  • Credit card holders must not divulge information pertaining to their cards through e-mails to any vendor or company. It is important to make use of proper channels to reveal such information. The webpage on which such information is revealed must be one that is encrypted and secure.
  • While shopping at retail outlets, it is important to fill out the code related to the credit card i.e. the CVC number on your own and refrain from asking the salesperson to do so for you. It is important not to provide such information to retail sellers even if you happen to be a regular customer.

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