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SEO Services for Fashion Stores in Dallas TX

Users are spoilt for choice today when it comes to fashion in Dallas TX. There are a large number of options to choose from, and buyers can make their pick as per preferences. For a fashion stores to flourish under such circumstances, it is important to have something that differentiates it from its competitors. Many fashion stores today have an online presence that can be adequately bolstered through the use of search engine optimization or SEO. Read on to know more.

  • SEO strategies are primarily focused on incorporating frequently searched keywords and optimizing your website for those. When you have quality web content that contains those keywords, your website is likely to show up higher in search listings. This will attract more number of potential customers for your business.
  • Search engine optimization also lays emphasis on having a website that is user-friendly. As a fashion store in Dallas TX, you can help your users by having a website that has similar products grouped together in a single category. The shipping details should be clearly indicated, and so should be the time for the delivery of the product. It is also important to have an authentic payment gateway that allows users to make online purchases securely.
  • Providing users with adequate information about the product is also important. Well written descriptions of products are an important aspect of overall SEO process.
  • Add more content to the portal with details about usage of product. For example, if a customer is interested in buying apparel, there should be information on how to wash it. Likewise, for someone who buys accessories, it is important to describe how to maintain that piece of jewelry and so on.
  • A regularly updated fashion blog is an important part of overall SEO strategy. A fashion blog can be used to provide latest information about fashion trends and new products in the market. Such a blog can help the website to rank better in search engines.

If you can incorporate local SEO into the website for your fashion store in Dallas TX, that is an added advantage. It will help you to attract the potential local clientele within your area. To achieve that objective, you can use long-tailed keywords that are location specific, in your web content.

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Twitter Introduces Mute button

Privacy and space has always been a concern when it comes to social networking platforms. Many times it so happens that you see more of posts and tweets from people you would like to hear less from. To answer this concern, popular social networking giant Twitter has unveiled a new feature called the ‘mute button’. This feature allows you to hide from your timeline tweets that you do not want to see often.

The mute button on Twitter allows users to stop hearing temporarily from certain friends, without unfollowing them. So the next time you are not interested to know about a particular TV show or a sports event, simply use the mute button, and all tweets pertaining to them will be hidden from your timeline. The best part is that your friends will not get to know even if you have ‘muted’ tweets from them. You can start following these friends and other pages again, whenever you feel like.

This new feature from Twitter comes on similar lines as is currently prevalent on the other social networking platform, Facebook. The idea is to allow users to choose what they want to see in their news feed. As of now, the ‘mute button’ feature has just been unveiled; gradually in the coming days, all Twitter users will have this option in their accounts.

Prior to this, Twitter had a feature wherein users could turn on device notifications so that they do not miss out on any tweets from their favorite users. Likewise, the mute button will now allow users to turns off notifications and tweets from users that they do not want to hear from.

With the new feature rolling out, users can now look forward to a more enriching experience as they go about ‘tweeting’ on the popular website. Customization is perhaps the best feature that can be offered on social platforms, and with the ‘mute button’ feature, Twitter has done precisely that.