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Web Development - Focus on usability

Web applications can be of varying kinds and their success tends to depend on a large number of factors. There are several parameters that define whether a web application is going to become popular among its users or is going to phase out soon. The most important aspect in web development is ensuring that the application is simple and easy to use. Ease of use figures among the number one priorities for most application users as people are not likely to spend too much time in exploring how to work their way around an application. The simpler an application is to understand and grasp, the better are its chances of success. Thus the prime focus should be on making your application uncomplicated and utilitarian in nature.

There are several other elements too that can distinguish a successful application from an unsuccessful one. One of the elements that can help propel your application to success is a clean layout. Users should easily be able to figure out the ways to start an application. The initial display must be in large fonts and state the next step to be undertaken to gain access to the application. The layout should not be cluttered and should instead have a clean and uncomplicated look. Such features not only make the application look classier but also endear it to its users and prompts more and more downloads or usage of the web application.

The web application should be based on simple principles and the objective of the application should be a clearly defined one so as to make it easily searchable on a search engine. It should be appropriately titled so as to allow interested users to gain access to it by entering in relevant, related keywords in popular search engines. The title should be catchy and widely understandable by people belonging to different demographic groups. The processing speed of the application must be kept in mind while designing it as an application that suffers from delays and extended waiting times may be discarded by users quickly thus resulting in its complete failure.

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Importance Of Landing Page Design

The landing page is the first page of your website that web surfers come in contact with once they are either directed from some other link or they type in browser to visit your website. A single website can have multiple landing pages depending on their marketing campaigns. The importance of this page cannot be underestimated as it is the first direct contact that potential customers have with your brand or company. A favorable impression at this stage can be instrumental in helping convert user interest to a sale. Many websites do not pay much attention to coming up with a unique and captivating design template for their landing page the result being dwindling customers and lost sales. There are several tips that can help you design a landing page that is a hit with customers and incites them to explore your website further. Some of them have been specified below:

  • Choosing the right colors for your landing page is of paramount importance as colors can be vital to ensure the interest of your customers. Each color is said to convey a different psychological message and elicit a unique emotional response. The colors for your landing page should not be chosen on a hit and trial basis rather they must be the result of careful analysis of the kind of response that you wish to evoke from visitors.
  • Apart from choosing the right colors, the design of your landing page needs to be completely clutter-free and simple. Too many elements in the form of graphics or moving textual content tend to create confusion in the minds of visitors and can be a big turn off. It is best to stick to a safe design with a clean template.
  • There should be a minimum number of buttons listed on your landing page so that visitors are not bombarded with multiple options. Having to choose between different buttons can be quite frustrating as visitors try to figure out how to proceed to the next step. Each element that is clickable should feature a one-word explanation regarding where it is bound to lead.
  • The most important aspect of good website designing is to stick to a single template or layout for each page on your website. Using different layouts for successive webpages can look tacky and unsophisticated.

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