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Tips For Creating User Interface For Mobile Apps

When designing the user interface for a mobile app, it is important that you consider a number of important aspects such as the clarity of UI, stability in viewing one screen to the next etc. However, there are many other concerns that are often overlooked but can seriously impact the performance of your app.

Given below are some of the tips that can help you design a user friendly interface for your mobile app:

  • Targeted Users: Different users tend to have distinct levels of expertise. For instance, expert users might have memorized the contents of the app and are likely to navigate quickly. On the other hand, novice users may navigate cautiously and are prone to making errors or accidentally tapping the wrong buttons. The user interface of your app should be effectual enough to accommodate the needs of both types of users. 
  • Ideal Button Size: In most apps, the button sizes are usually kept according to the size of a finger. Thus, they are not large enough to be touched by the thumb, which is preferred by many users. While designing the UI, it must be made sure that the buttons are of sufficient sizes and have enough gaps between them to be touched without any error.
  • Use Popular Icons: There are a number of standard icons such as a cross sign (X) to close an application or two parallel lines (II) to pause a media file. Implementing such common icons in your app’s UI will make it easier to operate. However, if you want to design new symbols, you must explain its function alongside the icon. 
  • UI Location: Usually, the elements of an app’s user interface are either placed at the bottom or the top. Considering how most users hold their phones, it is ideal to keep the app buttons at the bottom of the screen. The more important and frequently used buttons should be placed at the bottom right corner for easy accessibility.
  • Keep It Simple: The more complex an app is, more difficult it will be for the users to navigate. Do not overload the app with so many features that it becomes confusing. Instead, you can consider breaking it into a set of interrelated apps, each focusing on a specific set of features.

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Elements Of Website Design For Smartphones

With mobile devices accounting for a major and growing percentage of website visitors, it is becoming necessary for business owners to think of ways to make their websites suitable for these devices. Right from the iPhone to Android and iPads, there is a huge market to cater to when it comes to mobile users of websites. If you are ready to make the big switch, and introduce your website to the league of responsive websites, discussed below are a few key elements of website design that are worth bearing in mind.

The three principle challenges while designing a website for smart phones are- screen resolution, screen view (portrait/ landscape), and flash support. Responsive web design provides a ready solution structured around these challenges, by creating a website that responds to user behavior. The key element of such a website design are-

  • Flexible grids and layouts- This ensures that the various elements of a website design fluidly adjust depending on the resolution of the screen they are being viewed on.
  • Flexible images- These enable viewing smaller versions of the same images on smaller screens.
  • CSS3 media queries- These decide whether or not to display certain elements depending on the display device being used.

The major benefits of creating a responsive web design for your website are-

  • You do not need to spend money on creating multiple versions of your website.
  • Your web design is future-ready, as it shall be compatible with any new smart phones or mobile devices introduced in the market.
  • Users shall have a positive experience of visiting your website irrespective of the device they use.

Some useful tips that can help to make your website smart phone ready include-

  • Try to adopt the design of native smart phone applications, such as action buttons, and back buttons in your web design.
  • Set the “viewport” default to “zoom” for modern smart phones, to ensure that visitors to your website experience maximum text clarity with a 200% increase in readability.
  • Integrate your mobile web content with native apps like mail, maps, YouTube, phone etc. for an enhanced user experience.
  • Ensure enough space between all clickable elements on your mobile website, to make them easily “tappable”.
  • Be clear about what most smart phones support and what they do not, when attempting to embed media into your website.

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Mobile Applications For Businesses - How Do They Benefit

Recent years have witnessed a tremendous increase in the use of smartphones such as the IPhone and android mobile handsets. Initially, the purpose with which these devices were developed was to simply communicate with family and friends. But now these have multiple uses, which have further diluted the manmade and physical boundaries. The entire credit for the same goes to the spate of mobile applications that have been developed over the last few years.  Over the period of time, these have also proved to be potential business tools.

One of the main reasons of exponential success of mobile applications is their wide reach.  Moreover, the prominent operating systems like Android and iOS allow people to create and distribute apps easily. As per a statistic, about 20 billion apps have been downloaded over a period of 3 years, which indicates at strong user base of the mobile applications and the magnitude of business generation possibilities.

Business firms can utilize mobile applications for almost all kind of services. They can offer apps that promise general services to people.  From making a reservation for a table in a restaurant, rail and air tickets, holidays to sending gifts, applications can serve multiple purposes. Mobile apps that provide instant news and update on international affairs are the preferred ones among mobile users.  Other popular apps are the ones that facilitate online shopping and business opportunities.  Social networking mobile apps such as Facebook, Twitter etc make it possible for customers to express their loyalty for a brand by joining its particular page. At the same time, it gives them access to all the latest information, innovations, products and services that the brand in question has to offer.

Mobile apps are user-friendly, making it convenient for customers to use them often.  This in return ensures a healthy return on investment (ROI) for the businesses. The biggest advantage that apps promise is that their use can be easily analyzed using statistics. The number of apps downloaded, updates and the percentage of users using them, all the data is easily available, making it a win-win situation for users and developers of apps.

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