Jul 16 2023

They had a complex promotional and corporate website where they have to manage large number of products, solutions and services. Their web site was quite distributed and data had to be entered at multiple locations.
There were issues with data consistency and large amount of man hours were consumed in keeping the data up to date. Moreover they had a manual review process for all the data which took lot of time and was causing significant delays in publishing information online for the consumers.

Content Management System: The proposed solution was a customised content management system with an aim to provide better control and flexibility over the content and features of their website. This application provides a single point for data entry and a built in review process improved the time to market for the information. Application is divided into various sections all driven by standardised templates and access control by a comprehensive role based authorisation process.
Apart from content management, all media assets are also managed online through the CMS providing a single repository of information. Web site analytics were also used to provide detailed reports on usage of the website, thus helping the marketing team to devise targeted promotional campaigns for the organisation.
Direct integration with Salesforce: provided better control and management of leads generated from the website and promotional campaigns. Easy to use framework allowed the administrative users as well as web site visitors to easily locate information. Integrated searching facility allowed users of the website to find site wide detailed information in easy to understand format.
.Net Framework 2.0, ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Ajax and Ajax Control Tool Kit, CSS, JavaScript, Telerik RAD Controls.