Jul 17 2023
The Youth Enrolment System (YES) is developed for organizations involved in enabling all young people to be productive, responsible and caring USA citizens. The organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs of America, face enormous task of enrolling and managing thousands of members each year. They have to record and submit year end reports to the government and funding agencies.
The old traditional systems used did not allow flexibility to the management to implement such solutions at a large scale and include multiple units in one application. Neither did they allow online updation of system. Everything was desktop based so users had to be in front of their office desktop each time they wanted to update the member record or take attendance.
We at Centex Technologies, developed a smart solution which runs on multiple devices like Laptop,
I-PAD, etc. It is a internet based solution which can be run and updated from any location in the world. Real time reporting allows the management to view any and all information on a click of a button even from the remotest of locations.
The system has the following main modules:
1) Member management – Joining, Edition and Updation
2) Fees Management
3) Visitor management to club
4) Member household history and basic medical history recording
5) Group and Activity creation on the fly
6) Logging of Attendance for a member/ group/ activity on the fly
7) Extensive reporting – to fulfil all requirements of the club
The YES application is a significant improvement in capturing the information and generates requested reports. Easy to use interface for the application allows all types of users to quickly understand the workflows involved.
.Net Framework 3.5, ASP.Net, C#.Net, SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Ajax and Ajax Control Tool Kit, CSS, JavaScript.