Jul 16 2023
The Helicopter mission application was developed for a Australian charitable rescue operations provider. The application was build to track the mission details that pilots flew on day after day to rescue stranded humans. Each sortie is called a mission for the purpose of this application.
Earlier, once a mission was completed the relevant data was captured manually in paper format. This was posing a challenge for the management as they had to periodically generate reports for various stakeholders. Manually handling all the data was a time consuming process and any request for past dated information used to take days to compile. Moreover there is lot of vital information, specific to helicopters, which is required to be captured and maintained in proper format for compliance reasons.
The solution is an intranet based web application, which automates the process of capturing the relevant information and generates reports in timely fashion. The application has ability to capture master information and aircraft details which are used in actual mission data forms. Keeping in mind the different types of users interacting with the application, a role based authentication and authorisation policy is used for controlling access to various parts of the application for different types of users. Built in calculations has reduced the data entry to minimal and extensive reporting feature provides on-demand up to date reports for various aspects of the operations.
The result is a significant improvement in time to capture the information and generate requested reports. Easy to use interface for the application allows all types of users to quickly understand the workflows involved.
.Net Framework 2.0, ASP.Net, C#.Net, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Ajax and Ajax Control Tool Kit, CSS, JavaScript.