A data-driven leader with a strong background in analytics, communications, and media. He is committed to quality purposeful communications and advancement of diversity within organizations.


Marketing | Analytics | Innovation | Diversity                            Located: Austin, TX | Killeen, TX


As the Marketing Director, Elvis is responsible for the development, review, and planning of growth strategies at Centex Technologies. His leadership responsibilities also include government contracts at Army Applications Laboratory (Army Futures Command).

Previously, he served as the Operation Manager and as a Platoon Sergeant in the US Army and retired honorably after 16 years of service. He earned an MBA in Business with a focus in Marketing from Texas A&M University – Central Texas.

Outside of Centex Technologies, he serves as a board member for the Subhani Foundation, and the 3rd Cavalry Association. Throughout his career Elvis has often called Texas home, while serving under the 1st Cavalry Division or 3rd Cavalry Regiment at Ft. Cavazos.

“Thank you for the opportunity to lead within an innovative organization such as Centex Technologies. I strive to build better communications for organizations so they can provide a clear vision for their stakeholders. This includes employees, they are what truly makes an organization, and they must be able to see that they are the most important part of that vision.” -Elvis Ochoa