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Custom Application Development

Increase productivity and efficiency for staff

We understand that your internal processes and procedures help you better server your customers. These processes are highly customized to a business’ individual needs. At Centex Technologies, custom application development aims to automate such processes and procedures to:
  • Ensure consistency of business processes
  • Enhance staff efficiency though simpler processes
  • Increase staff productivity through employee job satisfaction
  • Provide better customer service
  • Offer speedy order fulfillment
  • Increase revenue for the business and stakeholders


We at Centex Technologies understand that custom application development is unique to your business and can integrate existing legacy application data into a single portal. This eliminates time correlating information across systems, allowing for better service to your customers or internal departments.

Business Priorities and Goals

Custom web or desktop application development can help your business leverage resources and align processes to meet your individual business goals and priorities. Customized applications help businesses in achieving long term vision with less effort, and improve satisfaction and flexibility for changes down the road.

Commercial off the shelf solutions are readily available, yet lack the ability to meet all your individual business needs. A custom solution is capable of handling business processes and does not demand your business to adjust its processes to the generic commercial application. Custom applications have a better ROI because they are more focused on your business operations and, put simply, it works better. The ROI on a customized web/ desktop application is higher and translates into cost savings and increased profits.

Custom Solutions

Our experience in Microsoft technology based solutions make us a preferred technology partner for customized application development. We have designed customized solutions for some clients which include:
  • Desktop applications
  • Web based applications
  • Enterprise integration
  • Workflow management
  • Custom .NET development
  • Dashboards / KPI’s

Custom Application Development Benefits
  • Cost savings
  • Increased Revenue
  • Efficient and productive staff
  • Better customer service and satisfaction
  • Better employee retention
  • Flexible but consistent processes and procedures


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