Centex Technologies Becomes Licensed Training Provider for CMMC

Published on: 09 Jul, 2021
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Killeen, Texas – Centex Technologies is excited to announce its approval as a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) by the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body (CMMC AB). With the new designation as an LTP, Centex Technologies will be able to deliver exciting new training courses to CMMC assessors and professionals and become part of this important ecosystem.
“We are thrilled to add the designation of Licensed Training Provider to our company so that we can help facilitate the training of CMMC assessors as well as enhance our CMMC team’s ability to provide deeper insight and knowledge to our customer base,” said Centex Technologies CEO Abdul Subhani. “We are excited to continue providing courses to CMMC assessors and defense suppliers and will continue offering valuable CMMC resources to companies in the Defense Industrial Base who are protecting important CUI and FCI data.”
About Centex Technologies
Centex Technologies is an IT consulting company with offices in Killeen, Austin and Dallas, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia. Our goal is to provide innovative IT solutions that exceed expectations. We assist our clients through a wide range of comprehensive and cost-effective services to advise, install, service and repair, configure, maintain, and teach Information Technology.

Centex Technologies is also focused on improving DoD cyber defense within critical infrastructure industries, including the defense, aviation, and logistical industries. Its Cyber Defense Network (CDN) family of solutions empowers organizations to identify, protect and remediate cyber threats via cyber threat intelligence.
Additional information about Centex Technologies can be found at www.centextech.com

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