Jul 16 2023
Central Texas College is one of the numerous prestigious clients for which we have provided consulting and development activities. CTC wanted to provide a feature to its prospective students, which would allow them to make better choices in career path and provide them with a guidance tool to generate discussion regarding careers.

The Career Cluster Survey Application was developed which integrated with their existing website. This module aimed at providing users an option to take a survey which will assist them in future career planning. It provided a suggested career cluster which suits them on the basis of answers to the questionnaire. Apart from an online web based module an offline version was also developed which would run from a CD and become part of their promotional and information packs.
The application had an administration section which provided control to change the questionnaire and associated results. Administrator could also view all the results from the surveys and run reports to generate analytical information about clusters and prospective students. 
.Net 2.0 platform, ASP.net, VB.net, HTML, CSS, SQL Server 2005, Microsoft Ajax and Ajax Control Tool Kit, JavaScript