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Why Is Medical AI Gaining Prominence?

Outbreak of new diseases puts immense pressure on the healthcare system. Factors such as limited resources, a sudden rise in the number of patients, lack of established treatment, and vulnerability of medical staff add to the pressure on the healthcare system. In order to combat the outbreak of new diseases effectively, healthcare professionals require faster diagnosis, rapid response, effective use of human resources, and ensuring the safety of medical personnel.

In this scenario, medical AI is proving to be of immense use. Although the use of medical AI is not a new concept, the applications of medical AI have widened with the outbreak of new diseases and pandemics such as COVID-19.

  • Diagnostics: Diagnosis of some diseases may require the doctors to compare a large number of CT Scans, check medical history, or other detailed reports. This is a time-consuming process and may result in delayed treatment causing negative effects, specifically in time sensitive cases. AI software helps in analyzing large amounts of patient data to assist doctors in diagnosing patients at a greater pace. This assists in lowering the treatment time.
  • Risk Profiling: In the case of diseases that are contagious and spread easily, it becomes imperative to track the patients, travelers, tourists, etc. This helps in building a risk profile of the individuals. But manual profiling is time-consuming and prone to errors. On the other hand, AI-based risk profiling software has capabilities of historical geolocation and anomaly tracking of individuals in an efficient manner.
  • Optimizing Drug Therapy: Effective and proper treatment of a new bacterial or viral infection requires a combination of different drugs. However, the process of searching for suitable drug molecules can be laborious, time consuming, and costly. It also requires numerous trials and can involve manual errors. AI-based systems help in optimizing the drug discovery process by searching the databases of complex drug molecules and matching the drug molecules with the target proteins. This reduces the research time and increases efficiency.
  • Assistance For Medical Staff: AI-based apps can help the healthcare staff in gathering relevant information such as hospital-specific information, latest guidelines, operational directives, new treatments, protocols, drug dosage, and drug formulary. Well-trained AI systems can be used to analyze a patient’s reports and assign the case to a relevant specialist in the hospital.

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