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Key Role Of Connected Devices During A Pandemic

The advent of new technology has proven to be very helpful in combating diseases, especially pandemics such as COVID-19. If applied properly, technologies such as IoT, AI, and Big Data Analysis can be used to decelerate the propagation of the pandemic and avoid global health crisis in the future. Another technology that can be of immense help during a pandemic is ‘Connected Devices’.

Some applications of connected devices during a pandemic are:

  • Monitoring Of Trends: Wearable devices, such as fitness bands, are widely being used for monitoring data such as activity, heart rate, sleeping patterns, etc. The data collected by these devices is continuously sensed and uploaded to the cloud. A thorough analysis of this data can help in the timely and accurate detection of trends that may be indicative of a population-level outbreak of any disease.
  • Changing Patient Care Habits: A major concern during fighting a pandemic is to minimize contact with an infected carrier. Thus, isolation of patients is an important preventive action needed to control the spread of the pandemic. Connected devices such as thermometers, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, inhalers, etc. can help the patients in sending their health stats to the health care providers without the need of visiting the clinics. This reduces the risk of exposure. As these devices can be connected over a cellular network, patients can update their data from any location, regardless of the availability of WiFi coverage. Additionally, connected out-of-box cellular-based devices do not require the patients to have any knowledge of setting up a LAN/PAN connection.
  • Quarantine Compliance: Smart cellular wristbands can be used to monitor the patients quarantined in their homes. These smart cellular IoT wristbands are small in size and have long battery life. The ability of these IoT wristbands to connect over a cellular network facilitates them to function independently from the patient’s smartphone. This helps the city management in ensuring that the patients are complying with quarantine rules.
  • Improving The Reaction Time: Reaction time is a key factor in combating any pandemic. However, the timely reaction needs timely monitoring of symptoms and detection of contamination chains. Connected monitoring devices can help organizations, airports, malls, etc. in the effective and timely monitoring of people. These devices can also help in efficient monitoring of remote patients by healthcare professionals. This will help in the early detection of a pandemic resulting in reduced reaction time.

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