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Software Development Life Cycle

Software development can be a tricky and complex processthat requires expert and qualified personnel. Only people who are trained inthis area are capable of developing good software that is effective as well asefficient to solve the needs of the end users. Most software engineers or webdevelopers however follow the below mentioned life cycle as a guideline to aidin this process: 

  • The first point of note is to assess the elements required in the system in order for the software to work properly. You may find that in some cases where the software is not in accordance with the system requirements, it may just refuse to work or may show errors and glitches that are hard to correct. It is thus very important to make sure all the requirements needed to run the software are in place.
  • There is a need to determine the demand for any product before producing it and launching it in the market. In this case too, there needs to be interaction between the software developers and the consumers regarding their needs and their problems that can be resolved with newer software.
  • The next step in the process is to come up with a suitable design of what the software is supposed to look like. This is a bit like software architecture.
  • The technical part needs to be done next. This is where the actual creation of the software begins. The code generation takes place and the requisite coding technology is determined with the help of which the code for the software is to be written.
  • After the preparation of the software is complete, it needs to be tested in order to be absolutely sure that there are no errors or glitches in the startup or running process. If they are found, the coding is altered in order to correct these errors.
  • After the software has been launched and presented to the customer as per his specifications, the task of the developer does not end here. He has to constantly stay on his toes and ensure that the software provided continues to function in a smooth manner by performing maintenance work.

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