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Future Of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is no more just a part of sci-fi movies. It is something that was a dream earlier but has now become much a part of our lives. This technology is helping us envision the future and has redefined the way we look at world. Through this technology the user can actually see a computer generated image in real world for an augmented experience. It produces real time results & experiences and literally brings thing to life by objectifying them. The audio, video and graphics, all equally contribute to enhance the realism.

AR generally requires a person to see through the screen.  It then blends additional information to a recognized picture or video and displays the result virtually. This technology is hooked up with smart devices to modify the user’s view of reality. 

It has tremendous potential for growth in future. Here’s how – 

E- Commerce – AR shall revolutionize the retail and business sector. It will enable you to visualize the items you are considering to buy. That day is not far when stores would offer a virtual fitting room to enable you to try the apparel. Not just clothes but glasses, jewelry, footwear, furniture; you would be able to try anything live.

Geolocation – This will give dimension to maps and literally bring them to life. It will act as a GPS and also notify users about restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, bars etc. located nearby.

Education – The technology can be used as a modern educational resource. It would bring a paradigm shift in the methodology of teaching. If this technology is reinforced into the education sector then it would surely make learning easier and fun for students. Imagine how interesting it would be for students to learn history, science, mathematics when they are virtually able to see what they study. From reading about galaxies to historical events, the 3D imaging and presentation of content would surely help them understand better. 

Medicine & Healthcare – With AR in healthcare sector, surgeons would be able to perform simulative surgeries. You shouldn’t be surprised if someday you are virtually being given medical advice by a doctor in case of an emergency. Also with AR coming into picture, it would be easier to perform medical research and impart anatomy training to medical students. 

Advertizing – A plethora of advertizing opportunities will open up for business houses. This technology is surely going to rule both online & offline advertizing in near future. 

Military Operations – Through specially enabled AR helmets, military personnel’s will be able to get precise information of their surroundings along with detailed 3D maps. 

Manufacturing Industry – It shall bring along a drastic change for this industry. From design, manufacturing to product simulation, anything and everything will be computer aided. 

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