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Explanation Of Web Development Life Cycle

Web development can be a difficult and complicated process if the right approach is not applied in its creation. A website can only reach its full potential and garner enough visitors if it has fulfilled its development cycle appropriately. Following are some of the steps involved in an average web development life cycle:

  • The most important step that precedes all others is definitely is analyzing the purpose for which the website is to be developed and zeroing in on the target audience for it. The practical functions that will be performed by the website also need to be determined before its development is started
  • The second step is to establish the fundamental factors that the website will be made up of including the navigation process, the number of links, the number of web pages incorporated, etc. The basic website design is created in this stage.
  • A detailed design showcasing all major as well as minor elements is then created and is referred to as a prototype. All the graphical images and the layout of the web pages are planned out in this step.
  • Then it is decided whether there is to be any written content presented on the website. This will largely depend on the requirement of the website owners and whether they wish to use the written word to communicate with their visitors and if so, how much of it do they wish to use. A good content writer should be chosen for this task if the amount of writing to be done is quite large in quantity. You should not compromise on this aspect and try to come up with sub standard content yourself. The color schemes for the text are also decided in this step.
  • On the basis of the prototype developed in an earlier step, coding of the website is done to create the necessary functionality. A professional may be hired for this purpose to ensure the safety and security of your web page.
  • After the coding part, testing of various functionalities is done and finally deployment on live server is done.
  • The last but highly necessary step is employing search engine optimization in order to increase your page’s rankings and attract more visitors.

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