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5 Ways To Reduce Printer Related Help Desk Calls!

Misdirected and lost application output can have huge impacts on your productivity; yet, most companies don't even know how many hardcopy devices are deployed in their enterprises, and less than half track their output costs. According to a recent study, 23% of internal IT help desk calls are print related - a large chunk of your organization's time and resources.

Want to learn how to manage your company's output and cut down on the number of internal support calls your help desk receives? Figure out how to detect and solve printer problems early on? Empower users to fix their own printing issues, without tying up your phone lines? This free white paper has the solutions for you! You'll find out how to manage output the easy way, freeing up your help desk in 5 steps, so that you can deal with more important issues.

5 Reasons You Need an Enterprise Output Management Product

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