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How Is 3D Printing Being Used In Various Sectors

3D printing technology is said to have been developed in 1980s but has gained stirring popularity in the past 4-5 years.

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing has brought along a revolution in various sectors of the economy. It typically involves making three dimensional solid objects by layering materials on top of one another.

Let’s take a look over the industries that are using this rapidly growing 3D printing technology for their benefit.

  • Education

3D printers are being used by educators to inspire and engage students in a better way. It is a powerful teaching tool and has brought a paradigm shift in the way content is taught inside a classroom. Students are being able to learn the concepts of basic as well as applied sciences in an improved way using this technology. Also 3D printed topography maps and charts are extremely beneficial for students of geography. Engineering students are being able to print 3D models and graphics whereas biology students are using this technology to print out various sections of the body to study them minutely. So all in all, this technology has brought a significant change in education sector.

  • Construction

Construction industry is using 3D technology to construct buildings, fabricate walls, houses and even bridges. Such building are quite affordable and can be built within hours. This can be extremely helpful in providing houses to people in developing countries. Also 3D printed homes can be a quick solution to relocate people after a natural disaster. So, it can be safely concluded that 3D printing is the future of construction industry.

  • Dental & Healthcare

Medical industry has leveraged maximum advantage of 3D technology. It is being used for planning and rehearsing a surgery to reduce time in operating room etc. Certain organs can be printed which can further be used for performing mock surgeries. Also it can be used to print dental bridges, crowns, night guards, impressions of patient’s teeth and much more.

  • Fashion

Technology has enabled 3D printing of footwear, jewelry, gloves, handbags and other fashion accessories. It has transformed the fashion industry and allowed customization of fashion products at significantly reduced costs. Industry giants are also resorting to 3D printing technology to add a tint of innovation in their products.

3D technology is at a premature stage at present & we have been able to leverage benefit of only a portion of its actual capacity. As per a forecast by International Data Corporation, global spending on 3D printing worldwide shall be $20.0 billion by 2021. Thus, 3D printing shall be well positioned in various sectors in the years to come.

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Power Of Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is an advanced analytical system which is used to make predictions for future events. A number of data analytical models are used to make such estimates. Techniques such as data mining, machine learning, statistics, data modeling etc. make use of current data to form predictions for future. It helps organizations better understand need of the hour and streamline their operations accordingly. Also, it helps them in improving their bottom line figures.

Predictive analysis is all about understanding the patterns found in historical as well as transactional data and then using it to identify opportunities and risks for future.

Why Is Predictive Analysis Important?

  • Detecting Frauds – Cyber security is a growing concern these days. Techniques of predictive analysis can be used to detect any criminal behavior and fraud. Such an analysis assists in identifying any anomalies and taking an action, well in advance.
  • Improving Operations – Predictive analysis can be used to optimize operations. It not only helps in forecasting inventory but also in managing other resources in a better way. This improves organizational functions and makes them more efficient. For e.g. Airlines can use predictive analytical techniques to set ticket prices.
  • Boosting Marketing Campaigns – Techniques of predictive analysis can be used to determine needs and preferences of the potential customers. This helps in designing marketing strategies which help in attracting as well as retaining more people.
  • Reducing Risks – It can be used by certain industries to appropriately depict and also form inferences from the data available to them. It helps them in forming an interpretation of a person, business entity or situation for effective decision making thus minimizing the risks.

Steps Followed For Conducting A Predictive Analysis

  • Collect & understand the available data
  • Prepare & organize data
  • Choose an appropriate model
  • Evaluate the model
  • Deploy the model and use it in applications
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the model in real time

How Does Predictive Analysis Work?
For carrying on predictive analysis successfully, three main things are required:

  • Data – It is the basis of any analysis. There is no scope of making a prediction in the absence of reliable data from which inferences can be formed.
  • Statistics – It is used to make mathematical calculations and also estimate relationship among different variables.
  • Assumptions – Future is unpredictable, however certain assumptions are made to derive results. Predictive analysis rests on an assumption that future will continue to mimic the past.

Industries That Are Widely Using Predictive Analytical Tools

  • Banking & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Hotels and travel agencies
  • Manufacturing

Thus, businesses which are able to gather relevant data, use the right model and assumptions can more accurately predict the future trends and streamline their operations in the present accordingly which thus increases their success rate.

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All About Smishing

We are familiar with the term phishing, but cyber-criminals have come up with another new variant. SMS phishing or smishing is nothing but another phishing technique that is undertaken through SMS. It is a mobile security attack. Usually a link is messaged to a user, which when clicked directs them to a site that contains malware and thus injects virus into their mobile phones. This is done to gain access to user’s personal & private information stored on their cellular device.

Nowadays, more & more people are transacting online through their smartphones and many of them might have saved their login credentials on them as well. This fact encourages cyber criminals to attack users & gain sensitive information saved on their hand held devices.

Most Common Types Of Smishing Messages

Have you ever received text messages with a notification regarding an urgent update, a link that can help you get cash backs & discounts or a deal to get a new credit card? Let’s take a look at the broad category of messages that are usually sent

  • General – These types of messages play with your emotions and use a friendly tone to trick you into clicking the link. They may be as simple as, “Get tax refund”, “Checkout our photos” etc.
  • Business – They masquerade themselves as a business entity or financial institution. Generally, they send a message such as, “Update your account information or else you would not be allowed to avail online services”, “Click on the link to get a discount coupon” etc. The words are chosen very carefully to stimulate immediate action.
  • Contest Winner – This is the most commonly used way to entice innocent users. A malicious link is sent to the user along with an SMS that says, “You have won 1000$” or “You are lucky winner of the contest”. A person tends to click the link out of general inquisitiveness & excitement and loses his/her personal information to the hands of cyber criminals. 

How To Avoid Smishing Scams

  • Don’t Click On Any Link In The Message – Try not to be fooled by such messages. Make sure that you do not click on any link sent to you in a message from an untrusted source or unknown number.
  • Don’t Reply Or Call Back- If you are wary of the content that has been messaged to you then do not call back or reply on that number. Replying might invite even more spammed message on your number. Also you can block that number for once and all.
  • Install An Anti-Virus Software – Always be proactive. The smartest move to avoid a smishing attack is to install an anti-virus software beforehand. This will help in preventing a virus to be injected on your device at the first place.

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Future Of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is no more just a part of sci-fi movies. It is something that was a dream earlier but has now become much a part of our lives. This technology is helping us envision the future and has redefined the way we look at world. Through this technology the user can actually see a computer generated image in real world for an augmented experience. It produces real time results & experiences and literally brings thing to life by objectifying them. The audio, video and graphics, all equally contribute to enhance the realism.

AR generally requires a person to see through the screen.  It then blends additional information to a recognized picture or video and displays the result virtually. This technology is hooked up with smart devices to modify the user’s view of reality. 

It has tremendous potential for growth in future. Here’s how – 

E- Commerce – AR shall revolutionize the retail and business sector. It will enable you to visualize the items you are considering to buy. That day is not far when stores would offer a virtual fitting room to enable you to try the apparel. Not just clothes but glasses, jewelry, footwear, furniture; you would be able to try anything live.

Geolocation – This will give dimension to maps and literally bring them to life. It will act as a GPS and also notify users about restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, bars etc. located nearby.

Education – The technology can be used as a modern educational resource. It would bring a paradigm shift in the methodology of teaching. If this technology is reinforced into the education sector then it would surely make learning easier and fun for students. Imagine how interesting it would be for students to learn history, science, mathematics when they are virtually able to see what they study. From reading about galaxies to historical events, the 3D imaging and presentation of content would surely help them understand better. 

Medicine & Healthcare – With AR in healthcare sector, surgeons would be able to perform simulative surgeries. You shouldn’t be surprised if someday you are virtually being given medical advice by a doctor in case of an emergency. Also with AR coming into picture, it would be easier to perform medical research and impart anatomy training to medical students. 

Advertizing – A plethora of advertizing opportunities will open up for business houses. This technology is surely going to rule both online & offline advertizing in near future. 

Military Operations – Through specially enabled AR helmets, military personnel’s will be able to get precise information of their surroundings along with detailed 3D maps. 

Manufacturing Industry – It shall bring along a drastic change for this industry. From design, manufacturing to product simulation, anything and everything will be computer aided. 

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Remote Backup: Best Service At Centex Technologies

Remote Data Backups is the most cost effective, secure, and convenient way to automatically back up your mission critical data offsite every night. Remote backup services are progressively acquiring a lot of importance in today's time. You can save your crucial computer data by manually backing it up from your system. But this procedure is time consuming and tiresome chore as you can’t just sit in front of your computer for long hours to download the necessary information from your system to some external device.

Nevertheless, remote backup service is suitable for you as this software works opposite to the conventional methods for saving your data. Currently, online remote backup has become extremely popular since almost all sorts of business concerns have turned to online remote backup, leaving their data to be stored in a remote location. The reason for this can be due to the external threats or betterments in encryption and security. 
Online backup often identified as remote backup or offsite data backup is a straightforward and dependable way to back up all your crucial stuff and store it in a secure, remote location for safekeeping. In case the files are misplaced or damaged, your information still can be retrieved easily. It can backup all your data files and overwrite your existing ones or only those altered. It permits the users to safely access or restore any lost files by making use of any computer over existing Internet bandwidth. 
By backing up data as often as required on a remote hard drive, the risk of data loss will be practically reduced. It is grounded on the client server architecture, intending that there is a server procedure which runs on the server and its chief task is to save your files on the server. 
If you wish to backup your data, one of the most popular and ideal ways to undertake it is utilizing remote offsite backup services from Centex Technologies. We are always ready to help you with the best we can. Call us at (855) 375-9654 to avail our special offers.

Hire SEO Experts To Increase Your Web Traffic

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization services. SEO is the name of several maneuvers for advertising your website on the major search engine listings to enhance the visibility of your internet site on World Wide Web. In an effort to amplify the viewers of your website, it is crucial that the web site should rank higher on the search engine listings. Higher the rank your website acquires, the more clicks it draws in. For everybody who is promoting his or her brand through their website, it can be much beneficial for them to hire SEO expert team like Centex Technologies. 

Hiring a SEO company not only guarantee the exposure of your website to your prospective clients but also make way for earning via advertizements on your website. We render tailor made and industry specific SEO services as a way to obtain the wanted position in Search engine results page. 

Benefits of employing SEO experts with Centex Technologies:
  • Focused approach for your website's search engine publicity. 
  • Top notch results under direct monitoring and control. 
  • Effectual communication via email, phone or chat. 
  • Guaranteed gain in your website traffic. 
  • Unmediated assistance for your SEO schemes. 
  • Lower cost when compared to your in-house SEO. 
The services furnished by Centex Technologies are as follows: 
  • Guaranteed increase in traffic or visitors in our client's website. We offer praiseworthy SEO reports to all our clients.
  • We possess a potent and sturdy team committed for your website's popularity in the internet market. 
  • We employ effective Keywords research.
  • We work completely on our every client's project. 
  • Totally free Website Analysis. 
  • We also handle company's offshore SEO campaign. 
  • Traffic Analysis. 
  • Keyword Competition Analysis. 
  • Search Engine Submissions. 
  • Blog posting. 
  • Page up linking. 
  • Article writing. 
  • Back links Report. 
  • Forum Posting. 
  • Press Releases. 
  • Link Building. 
  • Manual Web Directory Submission. 
  • Submitting website to various Social Bookmarking websites. 
  • Directory Submission Report. 
  • Article Submissions.
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Promoting Small Scale Businesses With Attractive Web Design Solutions

In case you are a small business owner and you severely require to explode your sales then the foremost thing that you will require to work on is how you can distribute the word about your market existence. 

It moves without stating that this is extremely difficult to accomplish but not with the dominance of the World Wide Web today. It does not actually count on how small scale your company is, it’s possible to effortlessly make it cognized by the entire world with the help of your official business website. 

So in case you are looking forward to create a webpage for your small business, then you need to be particular about its web design that needs to be commonly accessible, tempting, creative and attention grabbing.

Though there are a lot of web design companies specializing in the publicity of both new and existing small businesses, only a few of them can really present you and your business with what you'd like and necessitate. Centex Technologies comes to your aid at this moment. 

A web design company requires to be prepared to eventually amplify your business' sales rate and normally amend its performance in the market. They must be able to use optimization solutions and schemes in the form of assorted web design solutions that include text formatting and coordinating, structure and element and graphic art and graphic layout. 

Furthermore, it would assist your small business website more if you chose Centex Technologies that showcases the incorporation of handy and distinct characteristics, such as logo design, flash development, banner creation, JavaScript programming, calendar applications, and luring website template design. 

In conclusion, it is of immense advantage for your small business website to also pose e-commerce website creation, such as 2D and 3D animated computer graphics conception, image slide shows and flash headers, audio and video stream lasing, HTML and CSS codes, online catalogs and shipping gateways, shopping carts, credit cards, and digital photo optimization. 

Latest, classy and innovative web design solutions are what you will get at Centex Technologies. Contact us now at 501 N. 4th Street Killeen, TX – 76541. Toll Free Number: (855) 375-9654.

What Web Development Means To The World?

A website is an online individuality of a particular company or of a person implied in Online Marketing. The job related with an internet site is to present a company, sell its name, pull in more visitors, bring forth more business leads, advertize more sales of company's productions and services and finally, assist to achieve more return on investment.

In the present era of progressed technology, electronic commerce has extremely reigned the marketing pattern, and due to super fast availability and low cost of the Internet, people are running after it and drawing huge gain at the comfort of their place.

As a concerned internet business person, the most important thing for your business is to create an internet site that is well designed, attractive, simple to navigate, extremely operational, and has beneficial content. An ideal website should be full of relevant info, plenty of functionalities and is able to retain visitors for long and stimulate them to come back over again.

We very well know that the Web is an effective visual interface and what people search on the Web will be altered and rendered into their mind and perception. So, being a concerned website owner, you must be watchful about the choice of visual effects, color effects, positioning, size of contents, lights and the use of search engine friendly technology, so that people must recall your website's name first and look for you foremost on the Web.

To accomplish all the afore cited schemes, your website building requires a professional touch from qualified web designers and developers who are able to pool in their best learnt knowledge and experience to produce a worthy portal that can change each visitor into a potential buyer.

An alternate significant factor for a well designed and developed website is the top notch search engine optimization service. Search engine optimization is the ground of search engine marketing success, since the website optimization procedures spice-up the site with relevant keywords, alleviate one way link, heighten link-popularity and places an internet site at the top or near the top of search engine upshot page. This finally assists in pulling motivated purchasers and more traffic to the website.

If you have a strong desire to excel in your online business, aforementioned schemes of website design and development must be considered meticulously.

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Open Source Web Development Versus Customized Web Development

Web development is a broad term given to the website development. The website development could be done for the internet or the intranet. Internet refers to the hosting a website in the www domain name which can be accessed by general public. Intranet, on the other hand is meant for private use. The intranet pages can be accessed by members of the organization, company or from a university or a college. The intranet websites are mainly being used for communicating any kind of internal news, views, etc. Web development can be done with the help of open source or customized software.

Open source software refers to a computer program whose source code is published and available to the public. The open source software can be copied, modified and redistributed; however, they are governed by certain copyright laws and licences. Customized software, on the other hand are created to provide tailor made solutions to the specific group. The customized software is programmed based on the specific needs of the customer. One of the most important advantages of the website development using open source software is that they are cheap and comes at a reasonable cost (mostly free to use). Anyone can download and use open source software for free (or for some cost). As custom created softwares involve appreciable man hours to create, test and deploy, they are more expensive then open

Apart from this, while developing websites using open source software, the customer support available is minimal making the website development very challenging. However, while developing websites using customized software, constant support and help is being given.

Web development is a challenging task. It can be done using open source software or customized software. In respect to cost, open source software scores higher than any software available, however, in terms of facilities, customized software is much better than open source.

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