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Social Networking Safety Tips

As the popularity of social networking websites has increased through all these years, the risks of using them have also augmented. A lot of people do not follow proper security measures and fail to identify the potential consequences of sharing too much information on these websites. Hackers, virus writers, spammers as well as other cybercriminals constantly track the activity of users and manipulate the information for malicious purposes.

Here are some tips to stay safe while using social networks:

  • Share Limited Information: Make sure you do not post sensitive personal information on your public profile, such as contact number, birthday, home town etc. It will safeguard your online safety and protect you against identity theft. Hackers may use this information to find answer to your security question and gain access to your account. Also, maintain caution while sharing photos and information that you do not want everyone to see.
  • Customize Privacy Settings: Social networking websites offer various privacy options to give users complete control over their profiles. Customize your account’s settings to restrict access to a limited number of people. Filter the people or groups who can see your basic information, photos, friends and updates.
  • Be Wary Of Third-Party Applications: Many social networking websites allow you to download and install third-party applications. You must be cautious while downloading which apps to install. These may be targeted at stealing your personal information or infecting your device with a malware. Make sure you read the privacy policy of the app to know what information it needs to access.
  • Be Cautious While Clicking On Links: Do not visit a social networking website through a link that you received in an email or text message. It may redirect you to a fake website intended to steal your login details. Also, links shared by friends or acquaintances should not be clicked. Instead, you should manually enter the URL into your browser’s address bar to ensure that you are visiting a legitimate website.
  • Accept Only People You Know: Social networking websites make it easy for people to fabricate or hide their identities. Cybercriminals may create fake profiles to contact you and access sensitive information. Hence, you must accept only those people whom you know in person. While interacting with strangers, be careful on the type of information you share.

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