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Cloud Computing Security

There are numerous cloud security providers who offer a wide array of services to their clients. Albeit, the cloud providers take measures to secure physical data centers and server hardware on which the virtual machines run. However, it is the responsibility of the business to protect their virtual machines and applications. So cloud computing security is a mutual responsibility that both need to share in order to keep the data stored on cloud completely secure.

With more and more organizations progressing towards cloud it has become important to take a note over its security. So here we have listed certain cloud computing control measures that you must take -

Know What You Are Responsible For –
The level of accountability differs for each service provider. So you must know what are your roles and responsibilities and what all falls under your cloud provider.

Use All Available Security Tools -

Try to figure out the security services that your cloud host provides. Make sure that you use the available security tools to protect your data that has been stored on cloud. Since, it is also your responsibility to keep your data secured so make sure that you take every possible step to ensure complete safety.

Opt For CASB Technology –

CASB stands for Cloud Access Security Brokers and is a software that assists businesses in keeping their data secure on cloud. It is used to monitor traffic between user’s device and the cloud. It immediately informs the user if any unauthorized attempt is made to gain access of vital information, logins or credentials. 

Control Cloud Access -

Not all employees need to know about sensitive and crucial information of the company. So, employers need to limit the access. They must decide the key persons and ensure that the vital information is made available to trusted employees only. Also, it is important to have a multi layered protection plan to ensure that if one security measure fails, the other one can be at rescue and save your data stored on cloud. 

Some employees might have an ill intention towards the company and so may be a threat to the cloud data security. However some others may become a cause of data breach due to their negligence. So it is important to train your employees about the cloud security tools and ways to use them.

Protect The Data –
The smartest move is to encrypt the data before you store it on cloud. Encryption minimizes the risk of misuse to a large extent. It is a foolproof method that can help you keep your data and vital information protected.

Cloud computing security has become a matter of concern and must be taken seriously to avoid any data breaches in future. For more information, contact Centex Technologies at (972) 375 - 9654.