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Protecting Your PC from Viruses, Trojans and Spywares

Computer security is of utmost concern now days. With advancements in technologies, newer and more sophisticated computer viruses, Trojans and spywares have come up. Attackers are using almost all mediums to spread the malwares and affect computers. Starting from a simple file download to accessing a website, anything can affect your PC.

Here are few tips on protecting your PC:

  • Have a trusted Anti-Virus installed on your PC.
  • Restrict user privileges for others who access your PC at home or office. It is advised to create a seperate guest account for other users with absolutely no privileges for downloading or installations on PC.
  • Use firewalls to restrict viruses. If other people access internet through your PC, you can restrict theharmful websites through firewall settings.
  • Always download files from trusted sources/ websites.
  • Do not click on links in email from non-trusted sources. Clicking on links can trigger a malware download to your system.
  • Run a regular scan on your PC.
  • Restrict browser’s privileges.
  • Do scan pen drives/ external discs etc thoroughly before you use them.
  • Update your anti-virus software with latest online updates available.
  • Do not accept files or click on links that appear to have viruses or are from un-trusted sources/ persons on online messengers.

Viruses, Trojans and spywares not only affects PCs performance but can also cause data loss, files to get corrupted, mal-functioning of peripheral devices like printers, scanners etc. Spy wares are particularly known for extraction of vital information from your system. They transfer information like passwords to different account etc to other locations, which can be easily misused.

It is important to secure your PC after seeking professional help. Depending on your usage/ requirement, your PC security is planned out. For more information on keeping your PC secure, you can contact us at Centex Technologies.