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Comparing Intel and AMD Computer Processors

The computer processing unit or CPU is the backbone of a computer system. The main part on which the speed of processing depends is processor chip. Currently AMD and Intel processors are most widely used in PCs and laptops. Since both these have become very popular, you must know about their pros and cons to choose the right one for your PC.

Performance – The generation of the processor determines the performance of the CPU. While AMD offered good performance initially, the recently launched Intel Core 2 Duo processor is faster, cheaper and more reliable. Intel is more popular in high-performance CPUs and its latest Quad Core technology makes it even more superior.

Tolerance – A lot of heat is generated by AMD processors during intensive application processing. These are prone to damage due to overheating while Intel processors have great tolerance to heat with standard cooling features. However, both processors can suffer damage due to overheating or excessive load. This kind of situation can be avoided by upgrading your CPU once in every three years.

Over clocking – This includes greater CPU speed than provided by its specifications to improve the system performance. Intel processors have more potential for over clocking than AMD processors.

Price – Even though prices of AMD and Intel processors keep fluctuating, these can be checked by updating your knowledge about the latest technology and computer trends. As new and better versions get launched, the price of previous generation of processors declines. 

Keeping all these factors in mind, you can recognize which computer processor is best for your system. Also, you must think about your own requirements and keep an eye on the latest developments in the computer world to make the right choice. Both Intel and AMD are good processor brands but presently, Intel is the first choice of most computer users.

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