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Tips On Optimizing Your Website For Mobile Devices

With more than half of the users accessing the World Wide Web through their smartphone, creating a mobile friendly website has become even more important. Even if you have a well-designed and attractive desktop website, users might be disinterested if it is not responsive to mobile devices. You may lose out on a significant number of your potential customers if you do not have a website specifically optimized for small screen devices.

Listed below are some useful tips on optimizing your website for mobile devices:

  • Opt For Simple Design: Your website design should be as simple as possible so that the users can easily find what they are looking for. For instance, most mobile users will probably access your website to quickly search for your address or contact details. Make sure that all such important information and call-to-action buttons are overtly visible.
  • Cut Down On Image Use: There can be nothing more devastating for a mobile website than the use of large and high definition images. In order to create a fast loading website, restrict the use of images as far as possible, particularly from the homepage. If absolutely necessary, prefer inserting smaller images.
  • Simplify Navigation: Visitors should not face any difficulty while navigating through your website. Make sure you provide clear categories and sub-categories for all the products or services you offer. Scrolling of menu should be vertical instead of horizontal to facilitate user accessibility. Also, provide a link for ‘back to top’ and ‘home page’ as well as a search box on every web page.
  • Use Targeted Content: The biggest element of optimizing a website for mobile devices is to use highly targeted and brief content. It should be focused around your key products and services. Try to prioritize information in order to achieve a better conversion rate.
  • Eliminate Pop-Up Windows: Mobile users find it quite annoying when they have to deal with pop-up windows. Although they are convenient for a desktop website, switching between multiple tabs is not conducive on a mobile device. If it is necessary to use pop-ups, provide an alert to the users that they are being redirected and how they can get back to the original page. 

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