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Reasons Why Mobile Apps Fail

There are millions of mobile apps available on the app store. However, there are certain reasons why some apps gain high popularity, become a fad and have over million users whereas some are not able to get even thousand downloads. So, it is important to analyze what makes a mobile app a hit or a failure. Here we have listed certain potential reasons due to which a mobile app generally fails.

  • Poorly Researched Market & Audience

The biggest reason why a mobile app does not qualify to enter the list of most popular/downloaded apps is lack of research. This has two main causes, either failing to specify your target market altogether and marketing your app to wrong set of people or not being able to understand what your target market actually wants. Although, market research is a time taking task but it is definitely worth. It helps you channelize your efforts in the right direction.

  • Lack Of Originality

App stores are already full of similar apps. So why would a user download an app created by you?
They would do so only if it has some feature which other apps don’t have. Your app should have a unique value proposition that differentiates it from others and also optimizes the user experience. Users always welcome new, innovative and useful app ideas.

  • Ignoring Platforms

It is important to develop apps both for android and iOS devices. While doing app developer should keep in mind how a user interacts with different devices.

  • Poor User Experience

If your app faces performance issues, takes longer time to load and has features that are difficult to access then it is definitely something to worry about. People usually uninstall an app that is not able to offer a compelling user experience.

  • Improper Mobile App Testing

The biggest blunder that you can do is to launch your app without testing. It is important to test it so that all the bugs can be removed beforehand, because if you don’t, then you yourself give users a reason to uninstall your app. Hundreds of things can go wrong and the app might just crash. So it is always advisable to test the app before launching it on app stores.

An attractive yet user friendly app goes a long way. So it is a prudent decision to hire a professional app developer who understands the intricate details and possess knowledge as well as skill to develop an optimized mobile app.

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How Gaming Has Revolutionized Marketing Strategies For Businesses

With one out of two adults in the United States owning a handheld device with internet access, it is becoming more important than ever for businesses to tap into the advertising potential of smartphone apps, a major part of which includes games. Smartphones have led to a boom in the online gaming industry, with an estimated 126 million Americans playing a game on their smart phone every month, making chances of you reaching prospective customers through gaming app marketing increasingly high.

The marketing strategies through smartphone games are countless, ranging from pop-up ads to marketers placing themselves in gaming apps. This marketing strategy is especially useful for businesses targeting the middle-aged demographic, which as per a recent survey by Flurry, are the leading users of game apps. Marketing through gaming apps helps you enter into the personal space of a user, with most users treating their smartphones as extensions of themselves. This makes it a lot easier to establish a deep connection with the user, which would previously be possible only through personal interaction.

However, when advertising in the gaming market, you need to have a thorough understanding of the math of the app business, where installation is not the end of the game. The real question that needs to be asked is not how many people are installing the gaming app that you are advertising on, but how many are actually retaining it. While advertising through gaming apps, you can choose between the following two options- advertising on someone else’s app, and creating your own app.

The first option makes sense for small businesses that have found a gaming app that targets their market. An example of this form of marketing is gaming companies that allow you to send coupons to smartphone users of their apps. Creating a marketing app for your business, on the other hand, is more challenging in terms of choosing the right nature of an app. “Gamification” of apps is being viewed as a great way to engage users and increase retention of the app. Your goal should be to find a way to merge your market with the kind of gaming app you choose.

A key marketing lesson to imbibe while creating a gaming app to market your business is to understand the power of free. Keeping your app free will entice more people to play your game by eliminating the risk involved in making a purchasing decision.

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