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How Important Are Citations for Marketing on the Net?

In case you are looking to improve the search engine ranks of your business you must be aware that linking other HTML to your web site helps. This process of creating links from relevant sources works well for Global search as well as local search engine ranks. Off late, “citations” have been recognized as one of the best ways to optimize your business for local search engines. By citations, we mean having business information including address, contact details, details about products and services provided on local business portals, discussion forums, blogs etc.

Significance of citations

Through search engines, it is not possible to know if the business house has the potential of keeping its commitments to the customers. And it is not possible to authenticate if the business houses are truly experts in their field as they claim to be, because search engines are not capable of verifying such facts. However, if a business is listed in yellow pages or at the Chamber of commerce, and if this reflects on the search engine, then it is truly a business that is worth dealing with. Therefore, citations are very important.
The citations also let the search engines realize what the business is all about, how popular it is, and the success quotient. Business citations at relevant and important portals help search engines to rank websites higher for local searches.

Using citations to improve local search engine optimization:

Listing: it is important for a business house to get listed. Further, the more the appropriate citation, the better will be your search engine rank. It is also important to post proper description and other information while creating citations.

Competitor’s citation: if your competitor’s local search engine ranking is much higher than yours, then chances of yours topping the list is weak. In order to do away with this, make sure that your business is listed in top-notch directories. 

Citations must remain the same: It is best to remember that there is no explicit HTML links that recognizes your business. Therefore, it is pertinent to use the same contact info everywhere. Changing the contact information, even very minute changes, may affect your local search engine ranks. Also make note to use the same spellings all through.

Considering all these factors, citations are the best bet if you are keen on improving your local search engine rankings. We at Centex Technologies based in Dallas and Killeen Tx provide Global as well as Local Search Engine Optimization services. For more information, call us at our Dallas office - (972) 375-9654.