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SEO for Law firms in Dallas TX

Search engine optimization can help to bring in several new inquiries on your law firm website every day, many of which you can follow up with to create leads for your business. Getting your law firm website created in tune with the SEO standards and following SEO guidelines can help to generate millions of dollars for your business. With competition being fierce, it is important to choose an SEO expert who can help you gain that much-needed competitive edge. Below is a look at the major benefits that law firms can get from SEO:

  • SEO helps you to move beyond a defined client base and gain the exposure that you require as a competitive brand. Ranking well on search engines helps you to increase your visibility within your targeted industry, regional market, and practice area.
  • The immense benefits that you get on the bottom line of your law firm from SEO help you to get returns on the significant time and money invested in designing a website.
  • With a high rank on major search engines, you are viewed as a law firm with a good reputation by prospective clients. This is because of the general perception underlying website ranks, which gives a stamp of reliability to top-ranking websites.
  • Once your website achieves a top ranking on search engines, you can use this to position your firm as a leader in your field, and build client trust through regular updates on your attorney blog, social media, client alerts, and other publications.

Why Centex Technologies:

  • Our case studies are enough to depict our success in applying SEO techniques for law firm websites. We help you to track your firm’s progress through regular reports.
  • Apart from providing basic optimization for your law firm website, we also include hundreds of other user friendly SEO strategies, targeting hard-to-obtain long tail keywords.
  • We ensure that you take center stage as a local website by working on techniques like Google Places, Google+Local, and directory listings.
  • With the recent switch of Google to value-based rankings, it is more important than ever to ensure that law firms provide high-quality content on their websites. We work with you to not just develop this content, but also work towards ensuring that your relevant audience finds it. We help you to stand out with non-textual media like videos and web memes, which increase value for your readers.