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Elements of SEO Friendly Website Design - Central Texas

Making a website design that is SEO friendly is not very difficult but it should be done methodically. Like any other structure, your search engine optimization campaign must be based on a solid foundation to get good results. The following elements are very important for effective and efficient SEO-based website design.

Avoid Flash
It is a bad idea to use Flash in website design that requires SEO. Search engine spiders do not index flash files. This means that all your content will be ignored due to flash components as they are not compatible with Search Engine’s technology. If you still use Flash to build a website, don’t forget to include an alternative textual description for your files.

Using Frames
A website that uses frames will make it hard for search engine spiders to crawl through its content. It is advised to not to use frames in websites for which SEO has to be done.

Keyword Research
It is imperative to optimize your website design for the right keywords. This enables the target audience to find you in search engines. For researching keywords, you must use reliable tools that are available online.

Title and Meta tags
As one of the most crucial places for SEO, the Title Tags and Meta Tags ( Keyword and Description) should include researched keywords. This tag comprises of the text that is seen by users in search engine results pages. Keep it short and use the researched keywords near the beginning of the tag.

The URL of your website and link pages ( link names) can also include the keywords for effective SEO.

CSS Navigation
By using a CSS (cascading style sheet) navigational menu, you make your website text ready for crawling and indexing by search engine spiders. Even better, you can include a CSS drop down navigational menu to get greater SEO benefits in terms of fewer clicks for webpage access and instant sitemaps.

Keyword Density
Keyword density in content and tags is one of the important part of SEO. However, you must ensure that the keyword density is right. Don’t stuff too many keywords during web page optimization. On an average, the keyword density should not exceed 3-7% in body text.

Anchor Text
Your hyperlinks consist of certain words that can include researched keywords for creating a SEO friendly website design. This will make it easier for visitors and search engine crawlers to know about your web page content.

Heading Tags
You must not ignore the use of keywords in heading tags of your web pages. This assists in better rankings on search engines.

It is best to keep text out of images and use 'Alt' tags, including keywords, for images.

By following basic elements to create a Search Engine friendly website, you can make sure that your website crawl up on Search Engine Ranks pretty fast. For designing SEO friendly websites feel free to contact us. We at Centex Technologies provide complete SEO and Internet Marketing solutions to our clients in Central Texas. We are located in Killeen, Texas and can be reached at (855) 375-9654

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