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Big Data Analysis in Healthcare Sector

Big data refers to the large expanse of information collected, consolidated and analyzed for specific purposes. Big data analysis is increasingly applied by various industries to derive meaningful information which can be used for interpretation of past actions and for future planning.

Big data analysis has particularly proven useful for healthcare sector. As a lot of patient and medical information is collected, big data analysis is being used to design strategies for providing patient centric care.

Following are some ways in which big data analytics can be immensely helpful to healthcare sector:

  • Informed Strategic Planning

When large database of information is available it can be used to form meaningful inferences. For example, analysis of the collected data can help us figure out if people of a certain geographic area face a common medical problem. Necessary plans and strategies can be designed to curb the problem by identifying & solving root cause of the issue. Also, demographically it can be used to identify areas in need of access to extensive & additional health care services so that informed decisions can be taken on time.

  • Treatment Procedures

Analysis of medical treatment response in specific cases can be used to understand effectiveness of a treatment and effect of surrounding circumstances on patient’s health. Pharma companies and medical establishments can use date analysis to come up with better and more effective medicines/ procedures. 

  • Identifying High Risk Patients

If all the hospitals are digitalized, big data can be used to understand a patients’ pattern. It can help hospitals identify high risk patients who visit the hospital repeatedly and offer patient centric care accordingly.

  • Reduced Costs

By analyzing the available data, hospitals can predict an average number of patients that shall visit a hospital. A report by Forbes explains the working of four hospitals in Paris that have been predicting patient admission rates from the admission records of past 10 years. This helps them reduce their costs by staffing as many people as required for taking care of patients. Also it reduces wait time for patients as the hospital makes necessary arrangements of beds, facilities and staff based on the insights gathered from data.

Thus, healthcare sector can leverage huge advantage of big data analytics if it is used effectively & efficiently. For more information on how big data analysis can help your business, contact Centex Technologies at (972) 375 - 9654.