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Types Of AI

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) was coined by an American computer scientist John McCarthy in 1956 at the Dartmouth Conference. It is widely being used today and the term includes robotic process automation as well as actual robotics within its ambit.

Artificial intelligence is when machines simulate human intelligence processes such as learning, reasoning and self-correction. This has brought in breakthrough results as machines can now play games, understand verbal commands, drive cars etc. just like humans or maybe even better.

AI has evolved with time and both simple as well as sophisticated machines rule the picture today. However, what needs to be realized is that it is of four major types and it is important to understand all of them for clarity. Here we have discussed them in detail.

Type I – Reactive Machines
This is the most basic form of AI. It is purely reactive as well as looks & acts at a situation on the basis of what it sees. It doesn’t have the ability to form memories nor can it use past experiences to take a decision in the present. It specializes in only one task that it has been programmed to perform. Examples of this type of AI include IBM’s Deep Blue chess playing computer that beat international grandmaster Garry Kasparov in late 1990s. Also Google’s AlphaGo which subjugated human expert players belongs to this category.

Type II – Limited Memory
This type of AI system is a bit more advanced than reactive machines. It uses both pre-programmed knowledge and observations made over the time. This AI keeps a check on things happening within the environment and tweak itself accordingly. Thus it uses past experiences to take proper decisions and execute the actions accordingly. Most common example of this type is self-driving cars. It may also include personal digital assistants and chatbots.

• Type III – Theory Of Mind
Theory of mind AI represents highly sophisticated technology. It gathers a thorough understanding of people and things within an environment. With the capacity to understand thoughts and emotions this type of AI understands human feelings, intentions, motives etc. and operates accordingly.

• Type IV – Self- Awareness

They are the future of technology. Such type of AI can form representations and are aware of themselves. They can also predict the feelings of others around them and form inferences on that basis. These super intelligent machines have a sense of self consciousness.

Where Can AI Be Applied?

  • Healthcare
  • Business
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Law

• Manufacturing
Artificial intelligence is the science of making intelligent machines and has encompassed itself in various aspects of information technology these days. It has been able to solve complex human problems and the day is not far when it will surpass human intelligence.

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