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Stepwise Approach To Improving IT Management For Businesses

IT management is the discipline of monitoring and administering the information technology systems of an organization including the hardware, software, and networks. The main focus of IT management is to find a way to make information systems more efficient and facilitate business growth. Thus, improving IT management can lead to a successful business.

Here is a four-step approach to improving IT management:

Level 1 (Re-Master The Basic Troubleshooting): If an organization is facing problems such as-

  • IT support is overloaded
  • IT service outages are not resolved timely
  • Growing ticket backlog
  • Long downtimes disrupting business workflows
  • End users are not happy with IT

Level 1 approach is essential for such organizations. The motive is to analyze current troubleshooting practices and makes them more effective. The organization needs to make use of thorough diagnostics, IT support knowledge sharing, and IT infrastructure tracking. The end result involves redesigning the IT processes, redefining IT guidelines, and adjusting the processes to fit the needs.

Level 2 (Prevent IT Failures): Level 2 approach suits the organizations facing issues such as-

  • Troubleshooting is fine but IT service availability can’t be improved
  • Increasing number of incoming IT tickets
  • Growing costs incurred on resolving IT issues
  • IT support agents have to spend much time on manual data entry in the ticketing tool

Level 2 approach facilitates preventive IT service management, tracking events/changes in IT infrastructure, managing available IT assets, and automating IT support tasks. It focuses on rooting out the cause of similar incidents and automatic reporting of abnormalities in IT infrastructure to free the IT support for resolution tasks. Proper visibility of IT assets enables timely and efficient distribution among end-users resulting in increased IT service availability. This reduces the IT/business disruption and the costs involved.

Level 3 (Improving IT Services): Level 3 approach is suitable for businesses that extensively depend upon IT to execute business processes. Also, it is the suited solution if the business organization faces any of the following problems-

  • No set guidelines for reviewing & improving IT services
  • IT costs are very high
  • IT service agents can’t conform to strict SLAs

Level 3 focuses on timely updating IT services in order to keep them relevant. It also suggests making use of automation and machine learning for improving IT service management accuracy & productivity.

Level 4 (Merging IT & Corporate Strategies): In a dynamic business environment, it is important to synchronize IT & business strategies for uninterrupted growth. This will facilitate the quick introduction of new IT services whenever a business change occurs.

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