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Business IT Trends Of 2020

IT has a major impact on the way a business operates. However, IT trends keep evolving in an unexpected fashion. As the new stage of digital evolution knocks on our doors in 2020, the new IT trends such as emotionally intelligent interfaces and hyper-intuitive cognitive capabilities promise to transform businesses in unpredictable ways. New IT trends open new opportunities for businesses to expand their market and user base.

Here is a list of business IT trends of 2020 to help you architect business systems that are designed to respond to new age IT trends:

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI is not a new trend but it keeps widening its parameters. AI has now found applications in different fields of business operations. The latest AI business trends include smart assistants, chatbots and self driving cars. In 2020, AI can be experienced in every digital market; from cybersecurity to healthcare.
  • Edge Computing: With an increase in the number of devices connected to the internet and each other, there has been an increase in demand on server infrastructure. The demand is even higher for video camera-based services that require constant video streaming. This has laid the pathway for edge computing. Edge computing is a computing network where computing is done at or near the data source to reduce the processing time. Video providers can benefit from this trend for reducing server costs and adding core functionalities that were not previously possible.
  • Autonomous Vehicles: While it may take some time for the autonomous vehicles to carve a niche in the market, they seem to be a promising upcoming trend in B2B and consumer markets. This trend is sure to have an impact on the way automobile businesses operate as they will have new investment opportunities such as manufacturing of autonomous vehicles and developing new services/features that cater to health, entertainment, comfort, and productivity of the person being driven in the autonomous vehicle.
  • 5G: 5G is being hailed as the base of new business revolution due to the speed and capabilities it promises. It has led to new investment opportunities for carriers and mobile device manufacturers. Additionally, it promises to enhance the surfing capabilities of the users thus, allowing businesses to offer applications with more features, plug-ins and usability.

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