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Building Your First Start-Up App

Every start-up faces two main challenges - testing the risk assumptions and collecting the maximum amount of validated information with the least efforts. Your first start-up app should offer solutions to these two challenges. There are no set layouts on how your first app version should look, however, there are two main guidelines every entrepreneur should be aware of:

  • It Must Be An Answer To A Problem: The goal of first app version is to find out if your unique feature is valid enough to help you compete against the existing competitors in the market. Make it a point that app features should present the core of your solution in a compelling light. If the users are not convinced by the value of the core solution, they would not care to switch even if you provide add-on features.
  • It May Not Be Automated: While automation may be a good feature to be included in an app, the first version of your start-up app need not be automated as far as it solves the user’s problems and allows you to test the risks. The purpose of your first app version is to help you de-risk the start-up and build your business on a stronger foundation.

Additionally, there are some key characteristics that you should keep in mind for building a successful start-up app:

  • Simple To Use: The first and foremost characteristic that accounts for the popularity of an app is the simplicity to use. While it may be tempting to incorporate a lot of interesting ideas and third party widgets, it is important to keep in mind that the app will be used on mobile devices with limited screen dimensions. Thus, provide a simple user interface that is easier to use.
  • Abolish Clicks: Attracting users to your app is important; making them stick to your app is equally necessary. Although, collecting user information is one of the underlying purposes of a app, do not overwhelm the users with multiple questions. Try to ask a minimum number of questions, banish unnecessary clicks, and avoid multiple taps in navigation.
  • Multiple Device Compatibility: It is understandable that users are most likely to access the app on mobile devices so, make sure that your app is compatible with all the popular Operating Systems used across mobile devices such as iOS, Android, etc. Also, try to keep your app compatible with up to 2 versions prior to the latest update of these operating systems.
  • User Feedback: Be sure to include the user feedback section in the app. It will provide valuable information about how your app works, ease of use, and improvements that users expect.
  • Security: Security is crucial for the success of any app. Users will provide their details only if they are sure about the security of an app. So, pay attention to data security and other cyber security aspects of the app.
  • Analytics: Analytics will help you to track user behavior while using your app and shed light on the feature that accounts for maximum user retention. This will allow you to develop popular features and work towards making your app succeed.

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