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Oscommerce Shopping Cart Benefits

Internet and advancements in technology has changed the way businesses used to work. Now you can sell a product to a person who is living at Far East by sitting at your home in US. There are millions of internet users who just rely on online shopping. Getting an online shopping cart is not a big task. Now days you can get web based software applications that can be easily installed and configured. There are number of shopping cart software available and out of the lot, Oscommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce shopping software.

Oscommerce is available freely over the net at It can be downloaded and configured according to your requirements and then uploaded on live server. With OScommerce you can change the outlook of your web application in minutes. All you need to do is to configure a pre-created template which can be done in simple steps. 

Oscommerce is a secure ecommerce platform that can be configured with number of merchant gateways like PayPal, etc. SSL certificates wotk well with Oscommerce platform and provides unmatched defense against any hack attempts. There are wide varieties of pre-created features in OScommerce that are vital for online businesses.  

Other than being secure, Oscommerce is very user friendly and have convenient navigation. A user can search products through multiple ways. They can browse the catalogue or can search through “search field”. There are various smart features in Oscommerce that increases the sale of a web store. Advanced features like providing option of related products through the buying cycle are great way of increasing sales.  

In short, Oscommerce is one of the best shopping cart software you can install for your online store. It is easy to configure and have tremendous benefits.  

We at Centex Technologies provide customized Oscommerce development. Please contact us for a free quote for your online business.  

How Wordpress Is An Effective Tool For Creating Websites?

Wordpress is one of the most popular open source software for creating user friendly websites. Wordpress as on date supports more than 120 million blogs and websites. You can easily download Wordpress scripts for free at The scripts can be modified and customized as per need. With wordpress, you can create a newspaper website, online shopping portal, a blog, video library, individual websites, article websites, corporate portals, discussion boards etc easily with Wordpress software.

Why Wordpress is so popular?

Well, wordpress is an amazing tool that can be quickly installed and put in use. Wordpress is compatible with variety of plugins which make it very powerful platform. To add on functionalities to simple wordpress site, you can simply add and activate the desired plugins from “Plugin Library”. You can also change the look and feel of wordpress web applications by choosing the design from thousands of freely available “themes”. They can be installed and activated in minutes.

Wordpress dashboard is an easy to use console which can be managed by anyone who is familiar with internet and computers. You can manage your content, add on links, change categories, add-on tags etc instantly.

Wordpress web sites are considered to be SEO friendly. Structure of wordpress code and various elements in it are in tune with Search Engine’s guidelines for webmasters. With wordpress, you can have Search Engine Friendly URLs and can insert various SEO tags while uploading content. You can also use various SEO plugins to customize meta tags and page titles.

Being open source, wordpress is free for use. Customized wordpress applications can be a powerful tool for organizations who want to have extensive features within their web applications.

We at Centex Technologies provide off-the-shelf web solutions and customized website application services. We have wide experience in working with Wordpress open source and can effectively do customization for the same. Please feel free to contact us at (254) 213-4740 for your web development requirements.

Open Source Web Development Versus Customized Web Development

Web development is a broad term given to the website development. The website development could be done for the internet or the intranet. Internet refers to the hosting a website in the www domain name which can be accessed by general public. Intranet, on the other hand is meant for private use. The intranet pages can be accessed by members of the organization, company or from a university or a college. The intranet websites are mainly being used for communicating any kind of internal news, views, etc. Web development can be done with the help of open source or customized software.

Open source software refers to a computer program whose source code is published and available to the public. The open source software can be copied, modified and redistributed; however, they are governed by certain copyright laws and licences. Customized software, on the other hand are created to provide tailor made solutions to the specific group. The customized software is programmed based on the specific needs of the customer. One of the most important advantages of the website development using open source software is that they are cheap and comes at a reasonable cost (mostly free to use). Anyone can download and use open source software for free (or for some cost). As custom created softwares involve appreciable man hours to create, test and deploy, they are more expensive then open

Apart from this, while developing websites using open source software, the customer support available is minimal making the website development very challenging. However, while developing websites using customized software, constant support and help is being given.

Web development is a challenging task. It can be done using open source software or customized software. In respect to cost, open source software scores higher than any software available, however, in terms of facilities, customized software is much better than open source.

For Website development, SEO and Internet Marketing contact us at Centex Technologies.

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Creating An Effective Website

With the advent of internet, it has become common for many businesses to have their own website built so that they can reach out to their customers in an effective and cheaper method. Websites are also required by the individuals or celebrities. Some companies prefer to give their customers the facilities to shop from their websites which can be done by incorporating the features of ecommerce into the websites. If you are looking to expand your business and reach out to maximum number of people, then it would be a great idea if you create a website and give the product information up there. However, designing a website and getting traffic into the website requires a lot of effort from your side. To design a website, you need to remember some of the elements which you are required to incorporate for maximum traffic.

To start with the website design, you need to zero in the features you would desire on the website. For an effective website design, you should hire professional Web Design Company who has the required skill and experience to give shape to your requirements. Once you have the website design ready, you need to add up content to it. While entering the content, make sure that you enter the right kind of keywords, so that your website could easily be featured in any search engines. Add targeted and well researched keywords so that the website. This technique is called Search Engine Optimization. Your website must have informative material and more of graphics and pictures for the users to understand. Remember, the visitors will only scan the page; they are not going to read the entire pages.

The website should provide visual appeal and is required to have easy navigation. Provide enough facility to your website, to the extent you can. Communicate effectively and provide images of the products which you sell. You may also incorporate ecommerce shop in the websites and allow the visitors/customers to buy from your website itself. Test the websites several times before going live.

Putting up a website requires you to invest nominal cost every year to host it, but you can see the significant growth in the sales of the business.

Ease Of Managing Your Content Through CMS

Content Management System. A content management system or CMS is a collection of procedures which manages the work flow. These procedures could be manual or based on any computer programs. The content management system is the modern way to create a website. CMS separates the content of the website from the presentation and is populated when called by the browser.

There are many advantages of using a CMS. With the help of CMS, a large number of people can contribute and share data. The data is not only stored in the database, they can also be retrieved easily with the help of CMS. There are different levels of security access given to different users based on their role in CMS, this allows control access to data and therefore, the data is secured in a more convenient manner. It reduces the repetition of data access and improves communication among the users.

There are basically two different types of content management systems available. They are enterprise content management system or ECMS or Website content management system or WCMS. The ECMS is useful to keep records of the data which is in used in organizations and enterprise. The WCMS help to manage the web content in a larger manner. The CMS provides an offline repository, which stores the content of the site. This repository helps to keep a track of the users who visits the web pages. Although it allows the users to edit the web pages, it can track the changes.

Today, almost all the websites uses CMS. Dot Net Nuke, Wordpress, Joomla and many other websites use CMS to store information. Selecting the right CMS requires you to have a good knowledge of what you expect from the website. Interactivity and cost are some of the factors which you need to take care when you are using a CMS for your website.

Although CMS helps in the file management to a great extent, it has its own disadvantages. In some of the applications, CMS has to be customized or has to be developed from scratch. For them, off the shelf CMS programs are not recommended.

For creating an SEO friendly CMS based web application, Please contact us at Centex Technologies.


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Texas Web Development For Small Businesses

Internet has opened the gateway to market your products to a wide range of customers. Starting a business for new entrepreneurs used to be a hectic task before. A small business owner had to content themselves with a small customer base which could hardly extent to their city or province. Advertizement and marketing the products which a small business sells used to consume substantial budget and was not widespread. So naturally, the profit margin of these businesses used to be very less and eventually they had to either close or liquidate because they did not have a competitive edge as the large corporations used to have. With the help of internet, the small business owners were able to solve this problem.

Small businesses are now flourishing because they are not only able to reach out to the global customers, but also sell their products online, thus earning more profits. To make your business available on internet, the primary requirement is a website. A website is a medium where you introduce yourself and your business to the global customer base. Invest a reasonable amount for your website and get it registered with one of the domain providers. You may approach a web development company who will charge a nominal amount for website building. Make sure that your website is optimized for search engines for various keywords which your prospective buyers look for in various search engines. Having a SEOed website helps you to get maximum traffic to your website which can be converted to potential buyers.

For a pleasant shopping experience of the buyers, you may consider having an ecommerce or shopping cart facility in your website. However, it requires higher budget.

Selling products online have multiple advantages. Your profit margins are higher as you can run the business from home without paying for rent at prime location and you can reach out to a global customer base. According to an estimate, a normal eBay seller earns 5 times more than other small business owners without a website. In case you are planning to start up a new business, remember to put a decent website at the earliest.


SEM Strategies That Work

Since late 1990’s, internet has changed the way businesses used to run. Now every company is promoting its products and services through internet. Even as the internet and allied technology is evolving, newer methods of marketing through online mediums are coming up. With corporates focusing on grabbing the maximum share of internet traffic, they are indulging in newer methods of online marketing. Specialist Online Marketing companies like Centex Technologies provide complete marketing solutions to clients not only across Central Texas but across the globe.

In today’s scenario, various online marketing strategies that generate excellent traffic on the website have been summed below:

  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO is one of the most popular and effective method of generating high quality traffic on the website. With proper optimization, you can get your website on the top ranks on popular search engines and reap the benefits of online traffic from those. There are companies who solely rely on their ranking on the search engines for running their business.
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaigns: Online businesses selling products and services also rely on Pay-Per-Click strategies to get instant traffic and web results. Google Adwords, is one of the most popular and widely used advertizing platform.
  • Social Networking: Modern technique of natural social networking on popular networks like Facebook and MySpace also generates good traffic and promote businesses online. You can target preoccupied communities anc can easily create brand awareness among the users.
  • Video Optimization: Video optimization is another online marketing strategy for promoting businesses. “Will It Blend” video series by BlendTec is something that everyone knows about. With popularity of video tube sites like Meta Café and You Tube, the ROI with video optimization has become quite high.
  • Newsletter and Press Releases: Newsletter and Press Releases are one of the oldest but still very effective web marketing strategies.
  • Online Shopping Sites, Craigslists, Classified Sites & other third party online marketing sites are also a big source of relevant web traffic for web businesses.

To know more on Internet Marketing Strategies, visit Centex Technologies.

Web Development Services Central Texas

One of the best ways to increase the volume of traffic to a website is through creating an effective design, webpage content and optimizing it for search engines. Ultimately, these features will enhance the ability of your site to draw more visitors and potential customers. We at Centex Technologies provide custom web design and development services to clients across the globe.

As a client it is very important to convey your exact requirements before you ask a web development company to work on your project. In short, it is essential for the web development company to understand your business objectives, products and services as well as the target audience.

While creating a web application, we at Centex Technologies make sure that the site design is browser friendly and easy to navigate. Not only a complex designs annoy customers but also hamper search engine optimization. So, the focus should be on simple web designs.

A good web developer will build a website that is user-friendly and loads quickly. Visitors will not like a slow loading site as their attention span is limited to a few seconds for each page. The amount of flash images in your website should not be much. These are not helpful in attracting search engine crawlers and take too much time to upload.

Along with site design, web development services at Centex Technologies involve keyword research and emphasizing on the most popular ones for your site. These will help in getting your site listed in the top pages of good search engines. As a result, you can draw more traffic to your site. Moreover, meta tags are used in an appropriate manner for each web page. This is essential for differentiating your pages from one another on the basis of specific keywords.

On the whole, quality web development services at Centex Technologies can really help in bringing more traffic and business to your site.


Elements of SEO Friendly Website Design - Central Texas

Making a website design that is SEO friendly is not very difficult but it should be done methodically. Like any other structure, your search engine optimization campaign must be based on a solid foundation to get good results. The following elements are very important for effective and efficient SEO-based website design.

Avoid Flash
It is a bad idea to use Flash in website design that requires SEO. Search engine spiders do not index flash files. This means that all your content will be ignored due to flash components as they are not compatible with Search Engine’s technology. If you still use Flash to build a website, don’t forget to include an alternative textual description for your files.

Using Frames
A website that uses frames will make it hard for search engine spiders to crawl through its content. It is advised to not to use frames in websites for which SEO has to be done.

Keyword Research
It is imperative to optimize your website design for the right keywords. This enables the target audience to find you in search engines. For researching keywords, you must use reliable tools that are available online.

Title and Meta tags
As one of the most crucial places for SEO, the Title Tags and Meta Tags ( Keyword and Description) should include researched keywords. This tag comprises of the text that is seen by users in search engine results pages. Keep it short and use the researched keywords near the beginning of the tag.

The URL of your website and link pages ( link names) can also include the keywords for effective SEO.

CSS Navigation
By using a CSS (cascading style sheet) navigational menu, you make your website text ready for crawling and indexing by search engine spiders. Even better, you can include a CSS drop down navigational menu to get greater SEO benefits in terms of fewer clicks for webpage access and instant sitemaps.

Keyword Density
Keyword density in content and tags is one of the important part of SEO. However, you must ensure that the keyword density is right. Don’t stuff too many keywords during web page optimization. On an average, the keyword density should not exceed 3-7% in body text.

Anchor Text
Your hyperlinks consist of certain words that can include researched keywords for creating a SEO friendly website design. This will make it easier for visitors and search engine crawlers to know about your web page content.

Heading Tags
You must not ignore the use of keywords in heading tags of your web pages. This assists in better rankings on search engines.

It is best to keep text out of images and use 'Alt' tags, including keywords, for images.

By following basic elements to create a Search Engine friendly website, you can make sure that your website crawl up on Search Engine Ranks pretty fast. For designing SEO friendly websites feel free to contact us. We at Centex Technologies provide complete SEO and Internet Marketing solutions to our clients in Central Texas. We are located in Killeen, Texas and can be reached at (855) 375-9654

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Website Designing Services Central Texas

With advancements in web technologies and the introduction of newer concept of Web 3.0, changes in traditional website design is fast catching up. We have seen there was a major move in the way websites changed from simple left/right link bar to full page element display layout when Web 2.0 concept captured the world wide web. Based in Central Texas we have seen the design trend changing again, with businesses preferring bolder websites.

What design concepts are in now days?

  • Bigger fonts for headings
  • Usage of badges and banners
  • Large Input fields
  • Tag clouds
  • Rounded corners
  • Displaying steps of a process as bold icons.
  • Vibrant colors like orange, green, blue etc.


We have also seen display of various elements of the website together, all on the very first home page. Besides attractive designs with images and flash, text areas are also being used extensively (unlike in web 2.0) to make the site even more friendly for Search Engines.

While web page design, involves arrangement of various elements with color variations, logo design is purely concept based creation targeting the business elements of an organization. While designing a logo, a careful understanding of the business concept and promoter’s mind set is required. Design jobs like Flyer and Brochure creation are also concept based creations and needs to be attractive and should convey the message effectively. For businesses who are spending on paid advertisements, visitor landing page ( page on which a user lands on your website after clicking on an advertizement) is the most important one. It needs to be designed by keeping the psychic of users in mind and should be designed under guidance of an internet marketing specialist. Besides attractive layout, correct message has to be conveyed to the users to make sure they buy the product and services being offered by the website.

While the choice for a design and concept is purely an individual selection and can vary from individual to individual. This calls in need for an expert design team to create and display various choices for the end client.

Over the period of time, we at Centex Technologies, based in Killeen, Texas has worked on numerous websites and other design jobs for clients across Central Texas. If you are thinking about changing your current website design or plan to come up with a new website, feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.

We provide designing services for :

  • Website design (home page and inner pages)
  • Corporate logo design
  • Web banner design (flash and photoshop)
  • Brochure and Flyer design
  • Landing page designs

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