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How To Make The Best Use Of 404 Error Page On Your Website

Every web user is familiar with the feeling of landing on a 404 page and getting that meaningless message of what could possibly have happened to the page they are looking for. As we all know, that feeling is far from pleasing, which explains why it makes sense to work on making your website’s 404 page attractive and useful. When a user trying to land on your homepage gets a 404 page instead, you want to ensure that they do not leave the page disappointed, but instead are guided to something relevant to your services.

The tips listed below show you some ways to make that happen-

  • Customize your 404 page so with attractive colorful images or a witty tagline to bring a smile on the face of whoever lands there. This lets users know that the website is owned by someone creative and inspires them to try again instead of just walking away.
  • At the same time, be sure that you are conveying the message of them having landed on an incorrect page clearly and precisely, to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • It is a good idea to make the look and color scheme of your 404 page similar to that of the rest of your website.
  • Your 404 page should contain the basics of every such page, which are usually a link to your homepage, as well as a link to the previous page.
  • Apart from this, you can be creative and add a little more information, such as a link to your customer support, links to your articles or blog posts, or an attractive offer that users can avail.
  • A link to a support page on the 404 page is a great idea because along with letting users know that you are willing to address their problem, it also serves as a useful form of feedback, giving you a chance to enhance user experience on your website.
  • Finally, while customizing your 404 page an important point to consider is that you do not want it to be indexed by Google and other search engines. To ensure this does not happen, you need to make sure that a request for a missing page generates an actual 404 HTTP status code.


Tips on Making Your Website Attractive For Visitors

Having a website and not having potential and regular visitors doesn’t make your online business a success. If your website is not catching the attraction and not making the business, there are some real problems which need to be looked into with extreme seriousness. Making your website attractive and worthy requires plenty of lateral thinking, and be ready for it. Worthiness of your website is based on several aspects, including the layout design and structure, the target market, target language and target audience altogether.

A good website is the one which looks professional and deploys practical methodologies to make it easy to browse. Today, there are several tools which will ensure productivity and worthiness of your website and place your business in the top notch position and all the more beat the competition. These tools will help in attracting prospective buyers to your websites, who are likely to stay for more time than just few seconds. Listed below are 4 coolest ways that will attract reliable visitors to your business:

  • Make your website’s navigation simple. Who would like to go whirl around and finally faint. Just nobody! If your website is simple and stress free to navigate, more number of prospective visitors will like to make the visit to buy the products.  It is also necessary that you add contact information in every page of your website. If that is not possible, you can also add the link to the contact information. Keep in your mind that visitors visiting your website have only 20-30 seconds to afford. If they get what they actually want, it is good, or else it would turn out to be a bad day for your business.
  • The layout design should be symmetrical and consistent. It would allow the visitors to get the idea that they are in the same website. Different pages with different types of website designs will tend to confuse visitors, and quite obviously, confused visitors will not register any sales whatsoever.
  • Use only relevant pictures which make the real sense and exemplify the products that you are selling. Misuse of pictures and all the more using irrelevant pictures would create the mess all around and for no good.
  • Keep the look and feel of your website simple and strategic. Simple website powered by strategic knowledge will always create attraction for the users.

It is the time to make your website attractive and worthy!

How Website Design And SEO Are Interrelated

Internet marketing for any business owner involves two major facets- website designing and search engine optimization, or SEO. While the website is the first line of contact between the business and its online audience, SEO is the gateway that directs these users to the website. This explains the interrelation between website design and SEO, and the need to structure both these strategies around each other.

A website that’s designed without taking into account SEO could adopt the most attractive layout, yet still fail to be successful due to the lack of visitors. Similarly, the best SEO strategies are of no use if they are being used for a website with an unappealing design. It thus becomes imperative to build any business website around SEO principles and strategies, taking into account aspects like the use of relevant keywords in the website’s structure. The first step to this is clearly laying out the purpose that the business wishes to achieve through its websites, which is important in order to identify the ideal keywords for your business.

Before you can adopt an SEO strategy, you must also make some critical decisions regarding your website design, such as the platform you wish to build it on, the desired programming language, its scalability, the mode of audience interaction, etc. In most cases, this groundwork takes a longer time than the actual implementation of these decisions. By building your website on a strong base with well-defined goals, you shall be putting in place a strong foundation that will serve your purpose for years to come, and make SEO for your website a lot easier and more effective.

Key focus must be laid on the homepage of your website, since this page has the greatest impact on determining whether or not visitors decide to stay on your website. It is important to keep your SEO strategies in sync with your website design and the content on it, so that visitors get what they expect when they land on your website. This can be done by choosing relevant keywords based on what you offer, instead of focusing on highly competitive keywords just to draw people to your website.

While a robust SEO strategy might succeed in leading people to your website, the baton from that point on is handed over to the website design, and that is what actually determines whether the race is won or lost!

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Customer Retention: Tips to Keep Your Community Engaged

Once your online community is up and running on a technology platform, it is now time to focus on the best practices to engage and retain customers. Social business promotions are all about engaging your customers in relevant conversations in order to generate more sales through them. Here is a set of nine steps to a successful customer retention process –

  • Respond in a quick manner with short turnaround time – If you respond within few minutes or at most an hour, the customer would prioritize your brand over others when it’s time to buy. The conversation should ideally be fast enough so as to leave an impression as if you are present in-person with the customer.
  • Discuss outside content to keep the conversation interesting – Instead of broadcasting only your own stuff, you should discuss other relevant markets products. The customer should not get besieged with your products of your business.
  • Publicize your blog articles on multiple social platforms – Blogs are always a good starting point to let a prospective customer initiate a discussion. More the prospective customers get to know about your products, the more engaged they get with your brand.
  • Include photos and videos – Visuals are usually easy to comprehend and therefore, you should always include relevant photos and videos of your products.
  • Educate employees – Keep training your team with the latest content relevant to your business.  Your team should be able to support your campaign in an effective manner.
  • Recognize active members of your social community – Reward the customers who are most active on your social community. Putting the most active member on the spotlight would increase the engagement among other fellow community members as well.
  • Pay attention to differences in different technology platforms – Facebook and Twitter operate differently and therefore, your engagement strategies on each should be unique and different from each other. Customize the content based on the target audience.
  • Encourage offline members to onboard your community – There are several ways to get non-members join your community. A donation to a cause or charity of your choice is one way of achieving the same.
  • Deal with negative comments in a constructive manner – When confronted with negative comments, you should keep emotions out in your words and respond gently in a constructive manner. You can also take the conversation offline to resolve the conflict.

Social media provides an excellent medium to boost retention by engaging customers in real-time through various technology mediums. You should make the best possible use of this opportunity!

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How Important Are Citations for Marketing on the Net?

In case you are looking to improve the search engine ranks of your business you must be aware that linking other HTML to your web site helps. This process of creating links from relevant sources works well for Global search as well as local search engine ranks. Off late, “citations” have been recognized as one of the best ways to optimize your business for local search engines. By citations, we mean having business information including address, contact details, details about products and services provided on local business portals, discussion forums, blogs etc.

Significance of citations

Through search engines, it is not possible to know if the business house has the potential of keeping its commitments to the customers. And it is not possible to authenticate if the business houses are truly experts in their field as they claim to be, because search engines are not capable of verifying such facts. However, if a business is listed in yellow pages or at the Chamber of commerce, and if this reflects on the search engine, then it is truly a business that is worth dealing with. Therefore, citations are very important.
The citations also let the search engines realize what the business is all about, how popular it is, and the success quotient. Business citations at relevant and important portals help search engines to rank websites higher for local searches.

Using citations to improve local search engine optimization:

Listing: it is important for a business house to get listed. Further, the more the appropriate citation, the better will be your search engine rank. It is also important to post proper description and other information while creating citations.

Competitor’s citation: if your competitor’s local search engine ranking is much higher than yours, then chances of yours topping the list is weak. In order to do away with this, make sure that your business is listed in top-notch directories. 

Citations must remain the same: It is best to remember that there is no explicit HTML links that recognizes your business. Therefore, it is pertinent to use the same contact info everywhere. Changing the contact information, even very minute changes, may affect your local search engine ranks. Also make note to use the same spellings all through.

Considering all these factors, citations are the best bet if you are keen on improving your local search engine rankings. We at Centex Technologies based in Dallas and Killeen Tx provide Global as well as Local Search Engine Optimization services. For more information, call us at our Dallas office - (972) 375-9654.

Mobile Applications For Businesses - How Do They Benefit

Recent years have witnessed a tremendous increase in the use of smartphones such as the IPhone and android mobile handsets. Initially, the purpose with which these devices were developed was to simply communicate with family and friends. But now these have multiple uses, which have further diluted the manmade and physical boundaries. The entire credit for the same goes to the spate of mobile applications that have been developed over the last few years.  Over the period of time, these have also proved to be potential business tools.

One of the main reasons of exponential success of mobile applications is their wide reach.  Moreover, the prominent operating systems like Android and iOS allow people to create and distribute apps easily. As per a statistic, about 20 billion apps have been downloaded over a period of 3 years, which indicates at strong user base of the mobile applications and the magnitude of business generation possibilities.

Business firms can utilize mobile applications for almost all kind of services. They can offer apps that promise general services to people.  From making a reservation for a table in a restaurant, rail and air tickets, holidays to sending gifts, applications can serve multiple purposes. Mobile apps that provide instant news and update on international affairs are the preferred ones among mobile users.  Other popular apps are the ones that facilitate online shopping and business opportunities.  Social networking mobile apps such as Facebook, Twitter etc make it possible for customers to express their loyalty for a brand by joining its particular page. At the same time, it gives them access to all the latest information, innovations, products and services that the brand in question has to offer.

Mobile apps are user-friendly, making it convenient for customers to use them often.  This in return ensures a healthy return on investment (ROI) for the businesses. The biggest advantage that apps promise is that their use can be easily analyzed using statistics. The number of apps downloaded, updates and the percentage of users using them, all the data is easily available, making it a win-win situation for users and developers of apps.

We at Centex Technologies, Dallas, provide Mobile Application Development for businesses. We develop business applications for IPhone and android phones. For more information, call us at our Dallas Tx office - (855) 375-9654

Facebook Gifts and Collections Feature

Social networking sites are becoming a favorite spot for promoting products and services due to the wide and free coverage they offer. There is no better way of reaching out to the masses all over the world for promoting a product and getting instant feedback on your efforts. Owing to the mass appeal of such sites, Facebook is all set to launch a gifts and collection feature, which will encourage users to use the site as a means of gifting stuff to friends and family in addition to letting the world know what they like.

The first to be launched would be the gifts feature, which is specially designed to make it possible for users to gift products to their friends while Facebook gets to squeeze out some amount from the gift price. Facebook has gone a step beyond online advertizing and is all set to deal in the sale and purchase of physical products. Gifting via Facebook would be a unique and innovative form of e-commerce that would not require any mailing address. Recipient can fill out the address where he/she wants to receive the product on their own. Even though the recipients will not be shown the cost of the product, Gifts feature will allow them to choose the size, color and other details of the products that they would like to have even before you make payment for it.

Below is a screenshot of steps to order a gift as provided by Facebook.


Another unique feature that was recently tested by facebook and is to be rolled out in near future is “Collections”.  Collections Feature will allow merchants to post products on their business page and let users to “want”, “collect”, or “like” a product. A product that is “liked” or “collected” is to be put on a new Timeline feature known as “products” thus showing the products you fancy to your friends. With Collections, the users can add items they wish to own from specific retailers on their wish list. The Collections feature will be a good selling medium for online retailers as they will be able to interact with customers on Facebook which will be helpful in generating potential sales.

Even though e-commerce through social networking sites is a new concept, chances are it will pick up amongst people. Social shopping will soon be the new norm where socializing and shopping will go hand in hand. The gifts and collections feature on Facebook will give an exciting twist to e-commerce that is sure to appeal to modern day retailers and consumers.

We at Centex Technologies, Dallas, Texas provide Ecommerce Marketing and SEO. Our Team of online marketing executives helps online merchants to post their products to multiple Comparison Shopping Websites. We also do Search Engine Optimization for Ecommerce portals. For more information, call us at our Dallas office - (855) 375-9654

Benefits of Facebook Page For Businesses

Facebook is a major part of the social media marketing strategy of businesses, not just because of the millions of users who log in to the website every day, but also due to the immense potential that it offers to businesses to reach out to these users. If you are still contemplating on to whether or not your business needs a Facebook page, the benefits listed below tell you why creating such a page is a great step for your business-

  • Marketing on a budget- A few years back, the word “marketing” came with a huge price tag attached to it, with every single marketing strategy costing the company a substantial amount of money. However, Facebook has changed that, making it possible to carry out a marketing campaign at extremely low costs! Facebook ads are a great way to indulge in targeted advertizing by using the basic information of users on the site to identify your target audience.
  • Share basic information about your business- By having a Facebook page, you can share basic information about your business, such as what you do, where you are based, the owner’s name, etc., in a much clearer and more concise way than on a website. People are likely to notice this information each time they visit your page.
  • Audio-visual communication- The impact achieved by mere black and white words cannot be compared to that of pictures and videos. Facebook allows you to easily upload such audio-visuals of your business, letting fans get an inside picture of what you do.
  • Better customer support- Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of having a Facebook page for your business, you can give a significant boost to your customer support. By using Facebook to communicate with existing and potential customers, you can establish a personal relationship with them, and resolve their doubts and issues in a much more satisfactory way.
  • Better search engine rankings- Websites that have social media profiles are indexed faster by search engines, which means that having a Facebook page for your business can make you rank higher on a search engine like Google.
  • Word of mouth marketing- By making your Facebook page interesting with captivating updates, you can generate enough likes and comments on your posts to make “friends of friends” interested in your page. You can also add a link of your website on your Facebook page to guide people to it.

We at Centex Technologies provide Facebook advertizing and fan page management services for corporate and local businesses. For more information, call us at our Dallas Office - (855) 375-9654

Tips On Promoting Your Business This Christmas

Christmas time is a great period for improving your business prospects provided you know just how to go about it. The internet has made it a lot easier to reach out to a huge number of people almost immediately without spending exorbitant amounts of money on conventional advertizing means. Today, a little guidance and know how on how to use the internet for improving your business revenue especially on festivals like Christmas can be immensely rewarding. The following are some tips on the best ways of promoting your business this Christmas:

  • Make the most of email marketing to strengthen your relationships with your customers this Christmas. Make use of Christmas email templates with pictures of you and your staff dressed as per the occasion and send the emails to all your customers as a way of thanking them for trusting your services. This is the most cost effective way of keeping your business in the minds of potential customers.
  • Try mailing your customers sales vouchers with special Christmas offers and you will definitely end up making them feel special and encourage them to visit your store for purchases. You can offer free shipping, free gifts and gift wrapping services, etc. The best free gifts for Christmas comprise of items such as mugs, notepads, pens, balloons, car stickers etc,  that have the name of your company displayed on them.
  • Social networking sites are also a great way of getting in touch with your potential customers this Christmas. It is especially great for local businesses as you can target people nearby with tempting offers and let them know about what you are offering without spending a dime. You can use these social networking sites to start of conversations with your customers, asking them what they are up to this Christmas and giving them a hint of special offers.
  • Make use of Christmas sales and coupon websites to promote your products and services through special discounts.
  • If you have a website for your business, avail search engine optimization to enhance its appearance as per the occasion and let it have a Christmas feeling to it. You can take the help of an expert to display any offers and products that you would like your customers to see immediately when they visit your site.

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SEO for Health Centers, Clinic & Doctors Website in Dallas Tx

The trend of marketing has undergone a sea change over the recent years with the advent of the internet as more and more people are becoming increasingly dependent on it for reference to any information they require. This makes it all the more important for businessmen and professionals who want to reach out to the world to use search engine optimization for improving their search engine rankings. Search engine optimization refers to an online marketing technique that aids in optimizing your website and significantly increases its traffic.

One profession that is immensely benefiting from search engine optimization nowadays is the medical profession. Most of the people these days immediately punch their medical inquiries on popular search engines and are likely to turn to sites that figure on the first search results page. This has made doctors adopt search engine optimization in order to reach out to their clients. For example, if you are a doctor in Dallas Tx and wish to endorse your services to clients who rely on the internet for medical services, all you need to do is consult a professional who deals with search engine optimization and get your website optimized. This can be done by using the right keywords, and creating a website that will provide your clients with relevant information related to their queries, thus attracting more traffic to your site and eventually making it rank higher.

Local search engine optimization will enable you to target clients in Dallas Tx exclusively, providing them with your address, and any other information that they require. Through your website, you can provide consultation, inform about the medical services you offer, promote health care products, and increase your goodwill. In fact, search engine optimization is one of the most economical methods of advertizing your services as a doctor. Without spending a huge sum of money, you can easily reach out to clients all over the region and have a one on one interaction with any one of them through your website reviews section.

Your webpage is a connecting link between you and your clients, which can be immensely useful if optimized correctly. Getting the right professional assistance regarding this can take your business to new heights of success and recognition amongst the local community you practice in and far beyond. Collaborating health care and internet marketing is the most economical and effective way of standing out from competitors in today’s fast paced medical field.

We at Centex Technologies Dallas Texas provide complete Web Development and SEO Services in Dallas Tx. For more information, call us at our Dallas office - (972) 375-9654