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SEO for Law firms in Dallas TX

Search engine optimization can help to bring in several new inquiries on your law firm website every day, many of which you can follow up with to create leads for your business. Getting your law firm website created in tune with the SEO standards and following SEO guidelines can help to generate millions of dollars for your business. With competition being fierce, it is important to choose an SEO expert who can help you gain that much-needed competitive edge. Below is a look at the major benefits that law firms can get from SEO:

  • SEO helps you to move beyond a defined client base and gain the exposure that you require as a competitive brand. Ranking well on search engines helps you to increase your visibility within your targeted industry, regional market, and practice area.
  • The immense benefits that you get on the bottom line of your law firm from SEO help you to get returns on the significant time and money invested in designing a website.
  • With a high rank on major search engines, you are viewed as a law firm with a good reputation by prospective clients. This is because of the general perception underlying website ranks, which gives a stamp of reliability to top-ranking websites.
  • Once your website achieves a top ranking on search engines, you can use this to position your firm as a leader in your field, and build client trust through regular updates on your attorney blog, social media, client alerts, and other publications.

Why Centex Technologies:

  • Our case studies are enough to depict our success in applying SEO techniques for law firm websites. We help you to track your firm’s progress through regular reports.
  • Apart from providing basic optimization for your law firm website, we also include hundreds of other user friendly SEO strategies, targeting hard-to-obtain long tail keywords.
  • We ensure that you take center stage as a local website by working on techniques like Google Places, Google+Local, and directory listings.
  • With the recent switch of Google to value-based rankings, it is more important than ever to ensure that law firms provide high-quality content on their websites. We work with you to not just develop this content, but also work towards ensuring that your relevant audience finds it. We help you to stand out with non-textual media like videos and web memes, which increase value for your readers.

SEO Services In Dallas

Centex Technologies is a Dallas-based SEO company providing comprehensive SEO services for a wide span of industries and industry niches. We are strongly committed to adopting white-hat SEO strategies, ensuring an SEO campaign with long-term and sustainable results. Whether you are a business owner, doctor, restaurant, realtor, or service provider, no job is too small or too big for our SEO services. We can help to achieve top SERP rankings for your business, guiding targeted traffic with high conversion rates to your website.

Our SEO services cover a wide range of techniques, including natural link building, directory submission, title and meta tag optimization, social bookmarking, and ALT tag optimization. Contact our SEO experts today, to learn more about each of these techniques, and to see how they can work for your business. SEO for us, is not just a game of numbers, but is actually a long-running effort that aims to improve the ROI for your business by driving the right visitors to your website, and working on making sure that the design and content of your website is engaging enough to keep them on there.

We lay special emphasis on generating high-quality content for your website, and bridging the gap between traditional SEO techniques and social media campaigns, to ensure that your content is discovered, used and shared. We follow a multi-thronged approach for your SEO campaign, starting with improving the metadata and keyword density on the main landing pages of your website, then moving on to high page-rank websites and directories to generate inbound links for your website, and finally targeting social bookmarking sites and social media with high-quality content, to further help increase rankings for your website through high-quality inbound links. We have developed SEO strategies that are in full compliance with latest Google algorithm changes.

As a business owner in the 21st century, no matter how small or how well-established your enterprise is, getting found on the internet is something that you cannot afford to ignore. We, at CentexTech ensure that you get the aggressive marketing that you need even in the most competitive industries, through our time-tested SEO techniques. Contact us to request a quote for SEO for your Dallas business. Once you opt for our services, we shall carefully analyze your business needs, and design an SEO campaign that exclusively caters to you. It is this competitive analysis that makes us stand out as an SEO firm, ensuring that we deliver results not just in terms of rankings and conversions, but also sales and sustainability.

Long Tail Keywords

Contrary to the common perception that the most common keywords make for the largest inflow of traffic, these keywords contribute to a meager 20% of the total search traffic for a particular industry niche. The search traffic is far dominated by the long tail keywords, which are basically longer, and a lot more specific than their shorter counterparts.
For instance, while a common keyword could be “apartments for rent in Dallas”, a long tail keyword for the same search could read “three-bedroom apartments for rent in Dallas”. These keywords, which are often 4-6 words long, make for a whopping 70% of search traffic, which is reason enough for everyone marketing their business online, to pay keen attention to them.

Here’s a look at how you can benefit from these keywords:

  • The competition for these keywords is a lot less than that for more common keywords, which improves your chances of attaining a high rank in SERPs when you target these keywords.
  • The leads coming from such keywords are likely to be users who know just what they are looking for. This results in a greater conversion rate for long tail keywords.
  • The “head terms” in long tail keywords remain largely similar to the other keywords that you are targeting, which mean that your SEO efforts towards these keywords will overlap those for more common keywords for your business.
  • Even though long tail keywords have a low competition, this is balanced out by the significantly high click-through rate, making them highly profitable for businesses.

While the benefits of long tail keywords for your online marketing strategy are obvious, it is important to understand that you cannot afford to ignore your generic, short tail keywords at the expense of long tail keywords. These keywords are equally important for your business, as they play a key role in creating interest and building brand awareness for your business in the initial stages of your SEO campaign.

The process of targeting long tail keywords is undoubtedly hectic and time-consuming. After all, we are talking about structuring thousands of keywords into hundreds of similar groups, and landing pages for each of these groups. However, the personalized and relevant service that these keywords offer your customers makes you stand out as a provider who really cares to address the individual needs of his customers, giving you a much-needed head start from your competitors.

Cloud Computing Benefits

Simply put, cloud computing refers to computing based on the internet. This eliminates the need to run programs or applications downloaded on a personal computer, since the same applications can be accessed through the internet. Not only does this help in the optimal utilization of computing resources, but it also enhances management by converging the software and hardware needs. Small businesses are predicted to spend over $100 billion on cloud computing by 2014, and with good reason, considering all the benefits it has to offer. Here are the top benefits of cloud computing:

  • Flexibility: With the vast capacity available on the remote servers of the cloud computing service, it is possible for the service to instantly meet the company’s demand for more resources than usual.
  • Quick disaster recovery: Cloud computing eliminates the need for complex disaster recovery plans. According to a survey by the Aberdeen Group, businesses that used cloud-based systems were able to resolve issues 4 times faster as compared to those that didn’t.
  • Decreased costs: The “replacement” capital expenditure incurred updating obsolete resources is eliminated with the use of cloud computing services. Costs are further reduced through the centralization of power, bandwidth, and real estate.
  • Location independence: Cloud computing makes it possible for SMEs to set up multiple redundant sites to establish business continuity during disaster recovery.
  • Quick deployment: A cloud computing system typically takes lesser time to go live, as compared to an on-premise application. In addition to this, the IT resources required for a cloud computing service are also minimal.
  • Automatic software updates: Cloud computing suppliers provide security updates and server maintenance, which helps to save time as well as resources.
  • Pay as you go: Businesses need absolutely no capital expenditure to invest in a cloud-computing service. The start-up costs are also minimal, since these services are typically pay-as-you-go. In addition to this, the ongoing expenses are predictable, which is beneficial from the business point of view.
  • Increased collaboration: Cloud computing encourages collaboration among employees by allowing them to sync up and work simultaneously on documents, despite their location. Colleagues can also share apps, follow records, and receive critical real-time updates. This form of collaborative technology results in a significant boost to the return on investment of companies.

Landing Page Optimization

The landing page of your website is your chance to strike the right first impression on prospective clients and customers. Most users decide whether they want to stay on a website or leave it, within the first few seconds of landing on it. An ideal landing page is one that not just manages to convince users to stay on your website, but also encourages them to convert and share socially. The major problems in landing pages from an SEO standpoint are: mismatch with keyword searched for by user, inability to grasp attention, and poor conversion patterns. The following tips guide you on how to create landing pages that actually work:

  • The most important step to landing page improvement from a search perspective is setting relevant keywords to landing pages. Not only do you need to rank high for the right keywords in search engines, but you also need to ensure that you are ranking the right landing pages.
  • The integration of Rank Tracker with Google Analytics allows you to analyze the amount of traffic coming to your target landing page, as well as bounce rates. It is important to track the landing pages that rank for different keywords, since quite often, the landing page that you try to rank might be different from the one that search engines prefer for the same keywords.
  • The next step is to ensure that your landing pages have what it takes to keep users engaged. You can work on this by leveling up the content of your landing pages. You can determine if users find your landing page engaging. It is also helpful to analyze user comments, shares, and feedbacks.
  • Pay attention to the design and layout of your landing page. The layout should be user-friendly and intuitive, preferably with visuals, short videos, pictograms, and screenshots to make navigation easy.
  • Building funnels for bundles of landing pages can help to identify unexpected flaws. It is advisable to analyze various landing page-registration page combinations through this method.
  • Finally, remember to diversify your landing page content based on the level of awareness of your users. The landing page should have content to grasp users who have no previous knowledge as well as avid users.

Just remember that landing page optimization is a continuous process. There is always a scope for improvement when it comes to landing pages- the key remains to keep working on your landing pages consistently and proactively.

How Social Networking Can Promote Your Business

Widely popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn have immense potential when it comes to generating new business. Even though almost all employees nowadays are familiar with these networks, it is unfortunate that the average business does not make the most out of these platforms, despite them being free to use. Social networking for your business is a great way to reach out to potential customers and maintain communication with existing ones.

  • By engaging users in social networking activities for your business, you send out an impression of being on the cutting edge, giving you a competitive edge in the industry. Despite the dedication and constant work that social networking demands, it has several advantages to offer your business.
  • Being active on social networks gives customers a chance to check-in when they visit your business, serving as an efficient way to spread the word about your business.
  • A social network gives you a wide audience to reach out to, by making your business accessible to friends of friends. This means that if an existing customer who is active on your social networking page likes/ shares an update, this makes you visible to their entire network of friends.
  • Social networking for your business also gives you a chance to establish your professional credibility and expertise through blogs.
  • Social networking sites like Pinterest are a good choice for businesses that rely on the impact of images to generate interest among existing and prospective customers.
  • One of the biggest advantages offered by social networking platforms to business owners is free marketing. Businesses can use these channels to offer deals to engage current followers and attract new customers.
  • These platforms also make it possible for businesses to have direct access to their customers, being able to instantly address any doubts or queries, express gratitude, provide suggestions, spread information, and showcase their brand by way of conversation.
  • Conveying the right tone and ensuring consistency in the brand image projected on social networks gives your business a personality and a voice, increasing the impact of your marketing efforts.
  • LinkedIn serves as an excellent platform for networking with business professionals in a particular industry, which can go a long way in spreading the wings of your business.

The key to successful usage of social networking for your business lies in thinking out of the box. It is important to constantly evaluate your strategies to ensure that you are making the most out of social media.

How To Diagnose Common Networking Problems

A computer network is bound to have network connectivity related issues, which is why every network user should be familiar with at least a basic level of network troubleshooting. Sometimes the issue can be resolved by simply tweaking a wire or typing a command, saving you hundreds on calling in an IT expert each time something goes wrong. The following simple guidelines take you through a step-by-step tutorial on how to diagnose and solve common networking problems:

  • The first thing to do should be to make sure the physical condition of the network, i.e. the network cable is intact.
  • Next, execute a command prompt with IPCONFIG /all. Make sure that the IP address, default gateway, and subnet mask are correct. If there is any error at this stage, modifying it should bring the network back online.
  • If that doesn’t work, the next step should be to use the PING command to ping the servers by IP address. This is one of the simplest commands to diagnose networking problems and is present in almost all operating systems. DNS issues should be ruled out by pinging the server’s name.
  • If these commands do not work, the issue usually lies in the internal DNS. Pinging a website like tests external DNS resolution.
  • If the DNS resolution is fine, you need to run NetStat ‘’’’a to rule out a Trojan or virus having infested the machine.
  • If no viruses are detected, a pathping or tracert run between the machine and the internet can help to identify any pending network problems. For instance, you might notice another computer using the same IP address and host name as your network. The solution for this is using Angry Ipscanner.exe to identify the host name or query the IP address. If you are working on a Linux or MacOS machine, you can use a similar tool known as traceroute.
  • If none of these techniques diagnose a network issue, this usually indicates that there is no problem in the machine, but the issue lies in the network itself. For this, try firing up Wireshark to listen to all the traffic and responses for your network. If you are not familiar with how to decode the data at this stage, you can make use of one of the many useful online resources available to get help with that.

Centex Technologies is a leading IT support and networking company providing complete computer network installation and repair services. We serve Dallas, Killeen and other surrounding areas in Central Texas. For more information, call us at - (972) 375-9654

How Gaming Has Revolutionized Marketing Strategies For Businesses

With one out of two adults in the United States owning a handheld device with internet access, it is becoming more important than ever for businesses to tap into the advertising potential of smartphone apps, a major part of which includes games. Smartphones have led to a boom in the online gaming industry, with an estimated 126 million Americans playing a game on their smart phone every month, making chances of you reaching prospective customers through gaming app marketing increasingly high.

The marketing strategies through smartphone games are countless, ranging from pop-up ads to marketers placing themselves in gaming apps. This marketing strategy is especially useful for businesses targeting the middle-aged demographic, which as per a recent survey by Flurry, are the leading users of game apps. Marketing through gaming apps helps you enter into the personal space of a user, with most users treating their smartphones as extensions of themselves. This makes it a lot easier to establish a deep connection with the user, which would previously be possible only through personal interaction.

However, when advertising in the gaming market, you need to have a thorough understanding of the math of the app business, where installation is not the end of the game. The real question that needs to be asked is not how many people are installing the gaming app that you are advertising on, but how many are actually retaining it. While advertising through gaming apps, you can choose between the following two options- advertising on someone else’s app, and creating your own app.

The first option makes sense for small businesses that have found a gaming app that targets their market. An example of this form of marketing is gaming companies that allow you to send coupons to smartphone users of their apps. Creating a marketing app for your business, on the other hand, is more challenging in terms of choosing the right nature of an app. “Gamification” of apps is being viewed as a great way to engage users and increase retention of the app. Your goal should be to find a way to merge your market with the kind of gaming app you choose.

A key marketing lesson to imbibe while creating a gaming app to market your business is to understand the power of free. Keeping your app free will entice more people to play your game by eliminating the risk involved in making a purchasing decision.

Centex Technologies provide Mobile Application Development Services to its clients. We also assist clients in planning and executing mobile ads and SEO.

Benefits Of Member Management System

Having a well-structured member management system can be highly beneficial to organizations, serving as an efficient means to record and manage membership data. This is especially important for organizations with sparse resources, such as non-profit organizations, where lagging behind on registrations and payments can cost the company heavily. With a modern membership management system in place, you can track payments, registrations, contact details, membership renewals, and more, in a single click. This is also a great way to distribute information among members, saving on time and other resources.

Here is a look at some of major features that make a member management system an indispensable component of every member-based organization:

  • The easy-to-search member database makes it possible to retrieve information regarding any member instantly.
  • The built-in email function helps to contact entire membership in a single go. This tool is great for sending invites, event confirmations, renewal reminders, etc. in bulk.
  • The members also have access to the member management system, which makes it possible to access information of groups joined by them, purchase products, and update contact information.
  • The member management system can also be used for event management. You can set up an event with information such as date, venue, capacity, etc. You can also control the number of registrations, send reminder emails, send invites, accept registration payments, etc.
  • New members can submit membership applications and make payments online on the system.
  • Such a system is scalable, hence making it easy to remove and add new members into the system.
  • The system can also be used to manage attendance and enable real-time tracking of the number of members attending a particular event, meeting, activity, etc.
  • A member management system is particularly useful for non-profit organizations, where these can be used to report extensively, hence meeting all the statutory needs of such an organization.
  • One-click view of current members eliminates duplication.
  • The fully-automated system makes it easy to activate new member accounts as well as deactivate old ones.
  • Along with managing membership data, the member management system can also be used for visitor management, maintaining details of every visitor on your premise.
  • The system also doubles up as an attendance management system, through which you can record attendance of members by member name, member number, units, etc. The attendance can be updated and tracked instantly through this system.

We at Centex Technologies, Dallas TX provide customized Member Management Software System to our clients. For more information call us at - (972) 375-9654

Benefits Of Cloud Applications

Cloud computing is a technique that is rapidly gaining popularity with SMEs, with an estimated $100 billion predicted to be spent on cloud computing services by 2014. Put simply, cloud applications are software apps that are based on the internet, as opposed to conventional applications that users would access through software downloaded or installed on to their computers. Cloud applications extend from software like Google Apps, Salesforce, etc., which are basically service providers, to everyday applications of common use, like Microsoft Office or accounting software.

Here’s a look at some of the major benefits offered by the use of cloud applications:

  • Cloud services are very easy to manage for businesses providing applications to number of users across different locations.
  • Another advantage offered by cloud computing is the simplified disaster recovery that it offers. While the average disaster recovery time for businesses that did not use the cloud was 8 hours, this was reduced to 2 hours through the use of cloud applications.
  • A significant amount of time and resources spent on managing on-line security can be saved through the use of cloud computing. This is because cloud hosting companies carry out automatic security updates and server maintenance.
  • The start-up costs involved in cloud computing are minimal, since this is essentially a pay-as-you-go service. Switching to cloud applications is a quick process with predictable ongoing expenditure, making these ideal for SME projects.
  • These applications offer an increased amount of collaboration and coordination among employees. It is possible for workers to sync the data they are working on, and work on apps of documents simultaneously. This form of collaboration technology is found to boost productivity at the workplace by a whopping 400%.
  • Through the use of cloud-based applications, employees can work from anywhere where they have internet connectivity. This helps businesses to offer flexibility in work schedules, and work-from-home options, which are desirable to achieve a work-life balance and hence have higher productivity.
  • Cloud applications make it possible for people in different time zones and locations to work on the same document simultaneously. It eliminates the need to send the document back and forth through email, with a different name each time. Instead, the document is stored at one central location, helping in a higher level of collaboration.
  • All the data remains stored in the cloud, which means that businesses do not have to worry about losing important data if the device on which it was stored gets stolen.

Centex Technologies develop cutting edge software applications for its clients. For more information, call us at - (972) 375-9654