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Elements Of Website Design For Smartphones

With mobile devices accounting for a major and growing percentage of website visitors, it is becoming necessary for business owners to think of ways to make their websites suitable for these devices. Right from the iPhone to Android and iPads, there is a huge market to cater to when it comes to mobile users of websites. If you are ready to make the big switch, and introduce your website to the league of responsive websites, discussed below are a few key elements of website design that are worth bearing in mind.

The three principle challenges while designing a website for smart phones are- screen resolution, screen view (portrait/ landscape), and flash support. Responsive web design provides a ready solution structured around these challenges, by creating a website that responds to user behavior. The key element of such a website design are-

  • Flexible grids and layouts- This ensures that the various elements of a website design fluidly adjust depending on the resolution of the screen they are being viewed on.
  • Flexible images- These enable viewing smaller versions of the same images on smaller screens.
  • CSS3 media queries- These decide whether or not to display certain elements depending on the display device being used.

The major benefits of creating a responsive web design for your website are-

  • You do not need to spend money on creating multiple versions of your website.
  • Your web design is future-ready, as it shall be compatible with any new smart phones or mobile devices introduced in the market.
  • Users shall have a positive experience of visiting your website irrespective of the device they use.

Some useful tips that can help to make your website smart phone ready include-

  • Try to adopt the design of native smart phone applications, such as action buttons, and back buttons in your web design.
  • Set the “viewport” default to “zoom” for modern smart phones, to ensure that visitors to your website experience maximum text clarity with a 200% increase in readability.
  • Integrate your mobile web content with native apps like mail, maps, YouTube, phone etc. for an enhanced user experience.
  • Ensure enough space between all clickable elements on your mobile website, to make them easily “tappable”.
  • Be clear about what most smart phones support and what they do not, when attempting to embed media into your website.

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Tips To Plan An Effective Computer Network For Office

Effective computer networking can help to streamline things at the workplace, improving connectivity between different computer systems, while also boosting efficiency through shared auxiliaries such as printers, fax machines, scanners etc. Such a network can either be wireless or wired, depending on various factors such as the number of computers, the budget, and the type of networking desired. The following tips guide you on how to plan both wireless and wired computer networks for your office-

  • Ensure that the wireless router is placed at a location that is central to all the wireless users. This reduces the chances of broken range, as well as external attacks.
  • It is a good idea to change the password of the router immediately when you receive it, since the preset passwords, are usually predictable and easy to guess for hackers.
  • When it comes to a wireless network, it is increasingly important to protect your network using a complex encryption code. This code must be entered on all computers in the network, to ensure limited user access to the internet service as well as company data.
  • In case of a wireless network with a large number of computers, you might need to extend the signal of the router using a network cable that connects additional computers to access points around the office.
  • When choosing between wireless and wired networks, remember that the connectivity of the latter is a lot better in terms of signal strength. However, wireless networks are the preferred option where workstations need to be set up in places where cable connectivity is not possible.
  • When installing cable routing, pay special attention to the proximity of these cables to other wires and cables in office.
  • Think ahead while planning network topography in a wired network. Also remember to keep the number of switches to each user minimal, to maximize network efficiency.
  • It is a good idea to have a centralized backup server to which each computer is periodically updated.
  • Before installing a router for your wired network, you should ask your provider if it supports VoIP. With the increasing popularity of this business phone system, you want to be able to install it at any point that you wish to.

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Promoting Your Business With Mobile Apps

Having an effective mobile app for your business is undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to reach out to potential and existing customers in today’s times. With the skyrocketing popularity of handheld internet devices, right from mobile phones to iPads and tablets, any smart business owner would know that a mobile app is a surefire way to keep people hooked to your business in real time. Business promotion through mobile apps has an interesting aspect to it, as it does not require you to blatantly promote, but instead relies on subtle promotion through a positive user experience.
The following tips tell you how you can make the most of mobile apps for business promotion-

  • Whether you intend to use someone else’s app or are willing to create your own, the first step to a successful promotional campaign through mobile apps is to have a clear plan of action in mind. Take out time to outline who you want to target, what effect you wish to achieve, and how you shall monitor your progress.
  • It is a good idea to integrate your mobile app strategy with an existing marketing campaign, such as on social media networks or on your website. This is because having a marketing strategy that thrives solely on mobile applications is less likely to succeed than a campaign that is integrated across multiple channels.
  • Just creating an app is not enough. A huge part of making a mobile app work is promoting it and getting people to download it. Start off by your own online channels, such as your website and social media profiles. Make sure that these pages have a clear call-to-action for users to download your app. You can also engage in an exclusive online marketing campaign, including promotional emails and social media marketing for your app.
  • If it is financially viable for your business, you might want to call in an expert to formulate mobile applications for your business based on the existing material that you have. You can even get an app that serves for face-to-face interaction with clients and customers, which increases customer satisfaction manifold.
  • It is important to have a clear plan in mind to monitor the progress of your app. This should not just be limited to how many people have downloaded the app, but also other vital analytics, such as website visits generated from the app, coupon sales, and general increase in revenue from the app.

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Google Groups For Business Promotion In Dallas TX

Google Groups is a one-stop for all the SEO and promotional needs of business owners, wishing to join an online community with likeminded individuals and share relevant online marketing ideas and tools. If you own an SME in the Dallas TX region, it is a good idea to join a Google Group dedicated to your industry in your region. The numbers of options that you can explore from an SEO perspective regarding your business promotion are limitless. Enlisted below are the major ways in which you can use Google Groups for SEO and business promotion in Dallas TX-

  • Get useful information such as keywords, topics, themes, etc. for website content like blogs, articles, and e-books.
  • You can get ideas regarding what your competitors are doing as a part of their business promotion strategies and apply these ideas for your business.
  • A great way of engaging in conversations related to your business and parallel topics is participating in business threads on Google Groups. You can also link these threads to your website as a part of your user-generated content. Not only is this a good way to demonstrate your knowledge on the topic of discussion, but it also helps to use these keywords for SEO purposes on your website.
  • Another way in which you can utilize Google Groups is by using it to find a group of people in a thread who are interested in a topic related to your services. You can offer this group a special offer of gift that can be of interest to them, and use this to attract them to your website.
  • Similarly, you can create polls and surveys for such an audience and use the keywords so generated to create viral content for your website.
  • While Google groups can work well for generating quality back links to your website, the reverse is also true. You can invite visitors to your website to join your group on Google Groups, encouraging a sense of community.
  • Sending out online invitations to members on other related groups is also a good way to increase your customer base. However, you need to exercise caution while doing so, as this runs a risk of being viewed as spam.
  • You can also integrate your e-mail campaign to attract members on other groups instead of using the Google Groups interface.

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Website Server Location - How It Affects SEO For Your Dallas TX Website

Of all the factors that affect SEO for local Dallas TX-based websites, the website server location is also one, the effect of which most small and medium businesses tend to ignore. The location of the website server and the domain name, are two factors that play a significant role in determining how a website ranks on Google and other search engines in a particular location. This is because search engines analyze this data to determine the geographical location of a business, and hence its search engine rankings for users in that area.

  • Most of the businesses get a website server away from where their business is actually located.  For US based websites it is beneficial to have a web hosting server in US as the IPs generated can be tracked by Search Engines for US. On the flipside, this strategy might prove beneficial to businesses that are located at a different location than the audience they wish to target. For instance, if your business is based in Texas, but the audience you are targeting is UK-based, getting a UK-based server might be a good idea.
  • Another major way in which website-server location affects SEO rankings is through the load speed of the websites. Server locations have a significant impact on loading speeds, with websites based in the area they are targeting having much quicker load speeds. In other words, if your website server is based in the US and you are targeting a UK audience, you are likely to experience slow load speeds, which shall have a negative impact on your SEO. This is another reason why it is important to ensure that you have the right server location for your website.
  • If you are not sure about where the server for your website is currently located, the first step is to look into this information. You can either contact your hosting company directly and ask them for this information, or use certain web-based tools to find out where the server is located. If you then wish to change the server location, it is possible to do so without changing the structure and functioning of your website.

Dallas Internet Marketing - Using Slide Share To Generate Business

Lead generation is a key goal and an essential part of online promoting for businesses. Slide Share is an innovative way of generating leads for your business through a unique platform of content sharing. As in any other form of marketing content online, there are some key pointers that you need to be bear in mind for maximum productivity. The great thing about Slide Share is that it allows you to benefit from both text and images, hence forming a highly efficient way of reaching out to audiences.
The following simple tips guide you on how to use slide share to generate leads for your business-

  • Research on the topic of your slide share- A slide share needs to convey sufficient and relevant information to the viewer, just as any other form of content on the web. This explains why it is important to carefully choose the topic, ensuring it is one with which you are well-versed, and which your target audience would be interested in reading about.
  • Choose a catchy topic for the slide share- The topic of the slide share has a huge impact on its success, as it is what shall actually grab the attention of the users. Make sure that the topic strikes a strong impression, and is compelling enough to make the viewer want to move further into the slide share.
  • Perform SEO on each presentation- Carrying out SEO, or Search Engine Optimization on each presentation is just important as preparing the content. Be sure to incorporate the right keywords in the titles, tags, and descriptions, so as to attract a relevant audience for your business.
  • Share the presentation on multiple channels- In order to make the most out of slide share, you must embed the slide show on all your social profiles. This makes it possible for users to access the presentation without having to move away from their platform of choice, which in turn, generates more leads for your business.
  • Market your presentation- Just making a presentation and putting out there is not enough. You have to make a continuous effort to increase the visibility of your slide shows. This might even mean marketing them offline, as through business meetings and conferences. It is also a great idea to study analytics of your slide shares to get an idea of the demographic that you are attracting, and the slide shows that are most popular.

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Choosing A Dallas Website Design Company

Your website design is about a lot more than the color scheme and text, and extends to a whole lot of intricate designing strategies, which can make or mar your online business. This explains why the decision of choosing a website design company is a critical one. The Dallas website design market has been flourishing, which gives local businesses some fantastic companies to choose from. But before you make your pick, here are a few pointers to guide you through-

  • The first step is to look for a handful of possible options, after which you can dig deeper to choose one. While it makes sense for the Dallas website design company that you are considering to feature somewhere at the top of search engine rankings, that by itself is not enough. It says a lot about their SEO prowess, but not necessarily about their web designing skills.
  • To gauge their skills at web designing, you need to carefully evaluate their own website. Pay special attention to the first impression that they strike when you just land on their website. It is more than likely that that is the best that they have to offer. The website should be easy-to-navigate, well-structured, consistent, and user-friendly.
  • If you like what you see in the first few minutes, it is time to take things further by contacting them for their web design services. While some Dallas website design companies have their portfolio displayed on their website, you might need to request one in other cases. Browse through all the websites in their portfolio, paying special attention to details such as page titles, designing style, uniqueness, creativity, etc. The portfolio should have at least 8 websites, even if they are not all from your industry.
  • Once you are satisfied with their previous work, you should be ready with a set of important questions that you shall need to ask the web designing company. First off, request a quote so as to have an idea of the pricing and see whether you can afford it. Also, feel free to question them about their experience, knowledge, crew, company size, deadlines, etc.
  • When it comes to Dallas website design services, you also want to make sure that at the end of the process, it is you who owns the work, and not the web design company. Avoid nasty shocks by ensuring that you are under no obligation to continue using their services once the website is launched.

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How To Make The Best Use Of 404 Error Page On Your Website

Every web user is familiar with the feeling of landing on a 404 page and getting that meaningless message of what could possibly have happened to the page they are looking for. As we all know, that feeling is far from pleasing, which explains why it makes sense to work on making your website’s 404 page attractive and useful. When a user trying to land on your homepage gets a 404 page instead, you want to ensure that they do not leave the page disappointed, but instead are guided to something relevant to your services.

The tips listed below show you some ways to make that happen-

  • Customize your 404 page so with attractive colorful images or a witty tagline to bring a smile on the face of whoever lands there. This lets users know that the website is owned by someone creative and inspires them to try again instead of just walking away.
  • At the same time, be sure that you are conveying the message of them having landed on an incorrect page clearly and precisely, to avoid any misunderstanding.
  • It is a good idea to make the look and color scheme of your 404 page similar to that of the rest of your website.
  • Your 404 page should contain the basics of every such page, which are usually a link to your homepage, as well as a link to the previous page.
  • Apart from this, you can be creative and add a little more information, such as a link to your customer support, links to your articles or blog posts, or an attractive offer that users can avail.
  • A link to a support page on the 404 page is a great idea because along with letting users know that you are willing to address their problem, it also serves as a useful form of feedback, giving you a chance to enhance user experience on your website.
  • Finally, while customizing your 404 page an important point to consider is that you do not want it to be indexed by Google and other search engines. To ensure this does not happen, you need to make sure that a request for a missing page generates an actual 404 HTTP status code.


Tips on Making Your Website Attractive For Visitors

Having a website and not having potential and regular visitors doesn’t make your online business a success. If your website is not catching the attraction and not making the business, there are some real problems which need to be looked into with extreme seriousness. Making your website attractive and worthy requires plenty of lateral thinking, and be ready for it. Worthiness of your website is based on several aspects, including the layout design and structure, the target market, target language and target audience altogether.

A good website is the one which looks professional and deploys practical methodologies to make it easy to browse. Today, there are several tools which will ensure productivity and worthiness of your website and place your business in the top notch position and all the more beat the competition. These tools will help in attracting prospective buyers to your websites, who are likely to stay for more time than just few seconds. Listed below are 4 coolest ways that will attract reliable visitors to your business:

  • Make your website’s navigation simple. Who would like to go whirl around and finally faint. Just nobody! If your website is simple and stress free to navigate, more number of prospective visitors will like to make the visit to buy the products.  It is also necessary that you add contact information in every page of your website. If that is not possible, you can also add the link to the contact information. Keep in your mind that visitors visiting your website have only 20-30 seconds to afford. If they get what they actually want, it is good, or else it would turn out to be a bad day for your business.
  • The layout design should be symmetrical and consistent. It would allow the visitors to get the idea that they are in the same website. Different pages with different types of website designs will tend to confuse visitors, and quite obviously, confused visitors will not register any sales whatsoever.
  • Use only relevant pictures which make the real sense and exemplify the products that you are selling. Misuse of pictures and all the more using irrelevant pictures would create the mess all around and for no good.
  • Keep the look and feel of your website simple and strategic. Simple website powered by strategic knowledge will always create attraction for the users.

It is the time to make your website attractive and worthy!

How Website Design And SEO Are Interrelated

Internet marketing for any business owner involves two major facets- website designing and search engine optimization, or SEO. While the website is the first line of contact between the business and its online audience, SEO is the gateway that directs these users to the website. This explains the interrelation between website design and SEO, and the need to structure both these strategies around each other.

A website that’s designed without taking into account SEO could adopt the most attractive layout, yet still fail to be successful due to the lack of visitors. Similarly, the best SEO strategies are of no use if they are being used for a website with an unappealing design. It thus becomes imperative to build any business website around SEO principles and strategies, taking into account aspects like the use of relevant keywords in the website’s structure. The first step to this is clearly laying out the purpose that the business wishes to achieve through its websites, which is important in order to identify the ideal keywords for your business.

Before you can adopt an SEO strategy, you must also make some critical decisions regarding your website design, such as the platform you wish to build it on, the desired programming language, its scalability, the mode of audience interaction, etc. In most cases, this groundwork takes a longer time than the actual implementation of these decisions. By building your website on a strong base with well-defined goals, you shall be putting in place a strong foundation that will serve your purpose for years to come, and make SEO for your website a lot easier and more effective.

Key focus must be laid on the homepage of your website, since this page has the greatest impact on determining whether or not visitors decide to stay on your website. It is important to keep your SEO strategies in sync with your website design and the content on it, so that visitors get what they expect when they land on your website. This can be done by choosing relevant keywords based on what you offer, instead of focusing on highly competitive keywords just to draw people to your website.

While a robust SEO strategy might succeed in leading people to your website, the baton from that point on is handed over to the website design, and that is what actually determines whether the race is won or lost!

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