Jul 04 2023
The BINGO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS) is developed for US based charitable Bingo organizations. The age old methods of manually entering and recording all data for a Bingo Hall allowed many discrepancies items sold, recorded and accounted for. The manual entry of items purchased and sold was a problem as it allowed inconsistency in data recorded at various stages of the Bingo operations.
There was no accountability on a Usher/ Cashier selling an item as no one know who sold a item. And then annual and quarterly reports that needed to be filed with Lottery commission were also prepared manually consuming a lot of time. This all posed a challenge to create a system which can do all these tasks in a efficient and reliable manner. Which led to the creation of the Bingo Management System (BMS )
We at Centex Technologies, developed a robust, effective online solution which would manage all aspects of the Charitable Bingo Operation for an organization. It is an end to end solution capable of running on the Laptop or I-pad with ease. With this solution, Bingo Hall Management can access all data and records pertaining to their BINGO Hall in real time from any location in the world.
It allows for real time reporting. It easily records all products bought and sold data, who sold it and for what price it was sold on.
The system has the following main modules:
1) User and Hall Management – to allow rights to users to a Hall. Multiple halls can be added.
2) Stock Intake –to allow recording of what all is bought in a hall for Bingo games
3) Inter Hall Stock Transfer
4) Shelving and Surrendering of unused or non usable cards or pull tabs
5) Occasion Management
6) Sales Recording – by Usher/ Hall Manager
7) Extensive reporting – to provide data for all legal and statutory compliances by the Charitable Bingo Organization
The BMS application is the 1st of its kind solution to allow easy and efficient recording of Charitable Bingo Hall working.
.Net Framework 3.5, ASP.Net, C#.Net, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Ajax and Ajax Control Tool Kit, CSS, JavaScript.