A comprehensive cybersecurity program is key to protecting a business’ key assets.  A Defense-in-Depth methodology that incorporates security measures across data, personnel and infrastructure is the only way to ensure business functionality and profitability are safe.  Our cybersecurity team here at Centex Technologies is here to support your organization with all facets of cybersecurity program design, development and deployment.  Our cybersecurity development programs focus on three industry pillars: education, the private sector and the public sector, with a foundation centered on NIST, CMMC and the Texas Cybersecurity Framework.

    Our core competencies include:

  • Cybersecurity Policy & Procedure Development
  • Cybersecurity Auditing (NIST, Texas Cybersecurity Framework, CMMC)
  • Penetration Testing
  • Employee Security Training & Awareness
  • Data Governance & Compliance
  • Wireless Security Design
  • IT Infrastructure hardening (Server, Network, Workstation, Firewall)
  • Vulnerability Program Development & Management
  • Web Application Security Testing & Hardening
  • Staff Augmentation

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