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Bingo Management System

The Bingo Management System (BMS) is an application that allows easy and efficient maintenance of Bingo hall records. This application is the first of its kind. We have developed a robust, effective online solution which would manage all aspects of the Bingo Operations for an organization. With this solution, management can access all data and records pertaining to their hall in real time from any location in the world.


The Bingo Management System (BMS) was developed to simplify the operation and supervision of Bingo Halls. The Bingo Management System is reliable, flexible, and easy to use. This application enables management to track the functioning, stock management, and accounting of the bingo halls in an efficient manner. The system also includes extensive reporting for product purchase log, game prizes paid out, monthly and quarterly sales reports, usher commissions and much more. The Bingo Management System is a hosted web-based solution allowing access from anywhere in the world. No need to worry about managing and operating an internal infrastructure for The Bingo Management System. This is all part of the single monthly or annual cost structure and provided as a service.


Member Management
The system helps in the management of master settings which includes user management, halls management, managing suppliers, etc. It records all the important information needed for a bingo hall to operate and it helps you in the management of:

Users – Add new users, activate/deactivate their accounts, store their basic information, and assign rights and halls to them. 
Announcements – Manage internal announcements on daily basis.
Halls – Add new halls, activate/deactivate halls, and add/edit hall information.
Countries – Add/edit countries to be included.
States – Add/edit states to be included in the added countries.
Cities – Add/edit cities to be included under the added states.
Suppliers – Add suppliers and their information. Activate/deactivate the suppliers.
Organizations – Add/edit organizations and related important information like the name, address, contact person, tax id, etc.
Games – Add game types, assign specific halls and products to different games.
Products – Add product types and product under different product types.
Packs – Make packs of products with discounted price.
Special Pricing – Manage special prices for paper products.
Rewards/Promo – Add/edit promotions for a specific product type.

Inventory Management

The system allows the administrator to manage the inventory for a particular hall. A user can:

Place Orders – Place orders for different products like paper products, pull-tabs, etc.
Receive Inventory – Receive inventory manually or by purchase order.
Browse Inventory – Browse order history, inventory used, and inventory sold etc.
Product Transfer – Transfer products from one hall to another.
Shelved Inventory – Shelve the unused inventory.

Occassion Management 

This system has the functionality to manage bingo occasions. It helps you in:

Preparing Occasions – Prepare occasions for a specific hall for a specific date. Assign games, products/Inventory and staff members for a specific occasion.
Starting an occasion – This module helps in recording the sales (counter sales or floor sales), promos/packs used/sold, recording game prices and also recording the attendance of the bingo players.
Archived Occasion – View the history of the occasion like the date, day on which the occasion was played, organization and hall in which the occasion was played etc. A Daily Cash Report (DCR) can be generated which shows the complete detailed information about the occasion played.


The system helps you in generating different reports which give you a quick review of the occasions played, inventory used, total sales etc. The data can be used for all legal and statutory compliances by the Bingo Organization. Different reports generated are:

Product Purchase Log – This report gives the information about the inventory purchased during a specific period of time.
Schedule of Prizes – This report gives the information about the schedule of prizes i.e. when and on which occasions the prizes are given.
Event Tab sales – This report gives the information about the prizes given on a specific product.
Daily Cash Report – This report gives information about the daily sales for a specific occasion, product used/sold, payout and prizes, attendance of the members etc.
Usher Commission Report – This report gives information about the total sales done by the ushers and their commission on the basis of sales done by them.
Sales Report – This includes the Daily sales report, monthly sales report, quarterly sales report, and yearly sales report can be generated.


The Bingo Management System (BMS) is a simple, flexible and easy to use management system which makes the online bingo accounting and reporting more reliable. It allows for real time reporting. It easily records all products bought and sold, who sold it and for what price it was sold. The system has the following main modules:
User and Hall Management – to allow rights to users to a Hall. Multiple halls can be added.
Stock Intake – to allow recording stock that is bought in a hall for Bingo games.
Stock Transfer – Shelving and Surrendering of unused or non-usable cards or pull tabs Occasion Management.
Sales Recording – by Usher/Hall Manager.
Extensive reporting – to provide data for all legal and statutory compliances by the Bingo Organization.


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