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Case Studies
Through the collective efforts of the partnership between Centex and Pocketstop and the flexibility of the Broadcast API, the functionality and usability of the YES platform increased to meet the growing needs of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas and provided a win-win situation for all parties.
They had a complex promotional and corporate website where they have to manage large number of products, solutions and services. Their web site was quite distributed and data had to be entered at multiple locations.
The BINGO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS) is developed for US based charitable Bingo organizations. The age old methods of manually entering and recording all data for a Bingo Hall allowed many discrepancies items sold, recorded and accounted for. The manual entry of items purchased and sold was a problem as it allowed inconsistency in data recorded at various stages of the Bingo operations.
Central Texas College is one of the numerous prestigious clients for which we have provided consulting and development activities. CTC wanted to provide a feature to its prospective students, which would allow them to make better choices in career path and provide them with a guidance tool to generate discussion regarding careers.
This application is a Windows based Electronic Document Management System (DMS) for an enterprise. It provides various features to manage documents in electronic form. The document can be PDF files, TIFF or JPEG images, MS-word files, Excel spreadsheets or Outlook Message files. It manages processing of documents as per the user requirement. The files can be fed into the DMS through a CD or from files received through an Email.
The Helicopter mission application was developed for a Australian charitable rescue operations provider. The application was build to track the mission details that pilots flew on day after day to rescue stranded humans. Each sortie is called a mission for the purpose of this application.
Online Ecommerce Website with PayPal,, Fedex Shipping and Shopping cart features
This application is a Windows based document scanning and quality assurance application. It interfaces with Twain compatible scanners and allows user to Scan single or multiple documents in Batch scanning mode.
UTHSCSA - Ecommerce application for online purchasing of merchandise like T Shirts, Hoodies, Music CDs, etc.
The Youth Enrolment System (YES) is developed for organizations involved in enabling all young people to be productive, responsible and caring USA citizens. The organizations like Boys and Girls Clubs of America, face enormous task of enrolling and managing thousands of members each year. They have to record and submit year end reports to the government and funding agencies.