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Remote Support
Our Remote Support System (RSS) lets us support you even if you are behind firewalls and routers. With our RSS we can transfer files, chat, re-boot & auto-reconnect and remotely control your PC in real-time without pre-installing software or any network changes on your side. We can even reboot the remote computer into "Safe Mode".
Following are some of our RSS features:
  • Super small client download (as little as 290 KB).
  • Robust Auto-Reconnect feature calls you back AutoMagically™ in case of internet failure.
  • Tracks session time, even across multiple reboots and displays timer in the top-center of the client's display. No guess work on how long we work on your system.
  • We can logon/logoff the user and maintain our connection.
  • We can reboot the PC with auto-reconnect before login screen.
  • Reboot the PC into SAFEMODE with auto-reconnect.
  • Remove user desktop icons and desktop background to improve performance of remote connection.
For more information on our Remote Support services in Dallas, Killeen and Austin Tx, feel free to visit us or call us at below mentioned numbers:
Central Texas Office:
501 N. 4th Street
Killeen, TX - 76541
(Downtown. Corner of 4th Street & Avenue B)
Local: (254) 213-4740
Fax: (254) 634-3998
Dallas Texas Office:
13355 Noel Road
Suite # 1100, Dallas, TX 75240
(One Galleria Tower)
Local: (972) 375-9654
Fax: (972) 375-9662
Toll Free: (855) 375-9654
Georgia Office:
1201 Peachtree St NE
400 Colony Square
Suite 200, Atlanta, GA 30361
(404) 994-5074

Austin Office:
7600 Chevy Chase Drive
Suite 300
Austin, TX 78752
Telephone:  512-956-5454