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E Discovery & Litigation Support Coding
We at Centex Technologies Dallas Tx, provide outsourced Litigation Support Services ( like E Discovery and Litigation Support Coding) to Litigation Support Companies and Law Firms based in Texas. Electronic Discovery refers to discovery in Litigation. It deals with presenting data in electronic format for court legal proceedings.
The Business Model
We follow a partial outsourcing business model so as to allow litigation support companies in Texas, to benefit by employing our Outsourced Litigation Support services. We provide a near shoring approach where; client management is handled locally in USA and processing is handled remotely from our offshore service centre.

We utilize your existing infrastructure of a litigation support company or a law firm to process tasks. We connect to client’s machines remotely through a secure VPN connection and remotely handle all data processing. The data never leaves the client’s network, all processing is done at your machines. We offer our services to Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Killeen and Austin based Litigation Support Companies and Law Firms.
Benefits to Litigation Support Companies and Law Firms
  • Client gets access to resources, who are highly fluent in English and are technically well versed with litigation tools and techniques.
  • Near shoring – allows clients to interact with our business managers locally in USA; whereas the tasks are performed remotely from our offshore centre.
  • More than 50% reduction in costs – We provide a business model which is proven to be able to reduce costs by more than 50% for Litigation support companies and Law firms.
  • 24 X 7 operations – All resources are available 7 days a week and work 24 hours in shifts thus allowing full utilization of infrastructure and an opportunity to expand business for clients.
  • Data Security – The approach followed is that of remotely working on client machines. This allows all data to be held within client’s network at all times. It is perfectly secure.
Services Offered under Litigation support
  • Metadata extraction – Extract meta data for electronic documents like author, created date, sent date, etc. This meta data is stored in variety of formats depending on client’s needs.
  • File extraction – Automated processes to extract files from Archives, PST and NSF mail stores for processing.
  • Conversion to PDF – Conversion of electronic files like MS-Word, TIFF, Excel spreadsheets etc to PDF format.
  • OCR – Optical character recognition of PDF files to make them text searchable
  • Bates Numbering– Pagination or bates numbering as it is referred to in USA. This involves numbering of documents according to a predefined structure on hard disk e.g. ABC.100.231.0012 which will uniquely identify each document and its pages in heap of millions.
  • Search and indexing  - for huge amount of data to find out relevant files on basis of certain criteria like date range, custodian etc.
  • De Duplication – This process involves removing of duplicate files from a set of data which can run into thousands or millions of files.
  • QA/Validation of data – This involves cross checking of data supplied by client so as to give them back unique and accurate data.
  • Concordance, Summation, Ringtail Compatible information – The processed data is returned to client in load files for popular case management tools like ringtail, summation or concordance formats.
  • Litigation support coding – which involves inputting data into a coding system from a document. Data can be again date created, author,  date emailed, parties to the document etc. for a document.
  • Bespoke Software Development for Legal Industry Customized Document Management system development, Scanning and QA application development, Online Job Management and Ordering systems are developed by us for Litigation Support Companies/ Law firms.
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